Wednesday, 3 October 2012

「広告」 Ifairy & Kimchi Lenses at My Kanary


Hi everyone!

I've always been talking about EOS and GEO coloured lenses but I now there are many of you out here that like Ifairy, Super Barbie or even Kimchi lenses, right?

Now here's a blogshop to share with you to get your favourite colour lenses!

Price range as follow:

No Degree!

Ifairy & Kimchi @ $18 each.
3 FOR $15 each

My pick from the exisiting range is Ifairy GUMMI!

It's available in Brown & Grey
Diameter: 16. 2mm

Ifairy & *New Series @ $20 each.
3 FOR $18 each

My pick from their new series is Ifairy LUCIUS!

It's available in Blue, Brown & Grey
Diameter: 16. 2mm

Super Barbie $16 each.
3 FOR $14 each


Ifairy , Ifairy New series & Kimchi @ $20
3 FOR $18 each

Casing (Normal Casing)
$2.50 Each
3 for $5 each.

Do note that if you were to purchase above 8 pairs, you'll get FREE Casing for each pair!

So order your Ifairy, Kimchi and Super barbie lenses at now!

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