Friday, 28 October 2011

New hair @ Shunji Matsuo

Hi everyone!

Okay~ I', sure by now many would have already noticed my change of hair sponsor and even watched my YouTube video where I did a vlog for my new hair process at Shunji Matsuo.

Finally I'm bloggin on it proper now!

I'm really really sorry for the lack of updates as I'm really caught up with work recently and if you're following me on twitter, you would have realised that I've been ending work like 11pm plus for quite a few nights already and even after I reached home after work, I do sometimes continue my work.

Not only that, my work recently starts earlier, too.

So basically what do I do when I get home is just shower and straight to bed.
I don't even have the energy to switch on my laptop!

Ok. No more nagging.
Now back to the post proper.

So I've gotten my new hair colour and extensions last month at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to tell everyone that Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio is not the same as I*CON Shunji Matsuo.
The main thing is still at their main hair studio which has been moved to the Heerens a few months back, on the 5th Level.

So here's my before hair colour

Yes I know when I first dyed it, it seems black but thanks to bleached hair, everything fades really fast.

Me likey this photo. LOL

Goodbye black roots!

Like I always say, I won't miss you~

Here's a look at the ends and my short before extensions hair length

Showing off my WC bracelet!

Ok~ I literally spent like almost an hour deciding on my hair colour

Spolit for choices!!

And seriously, these aren't all!
Those pages were just the few pages I was shortlisting my hair colour from!




While getting my hair dyed, Cha-san was helping me to get ready my extensions!

A photo of the view I had of my legs when seated.

So funny right?

And here's Jing!
*Hope I didn't spell wrongly*

For those who have not seen my new mobile cover, here it is!


Napping while waiting for dye to set in

Ok. Seriously, the main thing of this photo isn't me.
It's about this cute guy who washed my hair for me!!!

*Whisper* I have been looking at him all the time when I got my hair dyed *ahem*

Ok. Now back to me!

My new hair colour!!!
It's Pink Brown! Nice?

Ok~ One thing here.
Many people have been telling me that my hair isn't PINK.
Well yes! That's because I choose a pinkish BROWN hair colour!
Not a brownish PINK hair colour!

So does this answer your question?

Cha-san and the cute guy blow drying my hair!

*Yes, so failure. I don't know the guy's name*

My usual happy-hair-blow-drying face

I like this photo. Don't know why~

Hair nicely blown dried

Top view

And now for extensions!

Cha-san at work!

Had braided extensions

2 pairs of hands at work to fasten the time needed!

Can you tell these are extensions?

Frankly speaking, I spent a total of 7 hours at the salon that day!
Sit until my butt pain sia~ *Just joking*

And yes I dozed off quite a number of times thoughout my time there that day as I was just tooooooo tired!

So I had like 200 strands of extensions on in total for a natural look

and after styling...

TADA!!! My new hair!!!




And after getting my hair done,



So here's my vlog video if you have not seen it:

Oki! That's all for this post!

I really wanna thank Shunji Matsuo and every single staff who helped me with my hair that day. They're all very very patient!

Signing off with love,


  1. super pretty!! can i know how much it costs to have just the extensions?
    i'm moving so sg soon so thinking of doing some.

  2. Wow that is so cute! You are so lucky to have a sponsored hairdresser1

  3. OOOMG, you look so good with curled hair!!!

  4. AAAAAHHHH I actually squealed when I seen the final result!! you look like an angel ;///;!!!
    And i see the pink in your hair!
    Wonderful choice! Really compliments your complexion!

    ^___^)/ LOVE IT!

  5. Isabellmiao へ
    Sorry but I'm not very sure how much does it extensions costs on its own. It also varifies cos I got mine dyed to the same hair colour as mine. Plus, I had the super long ones.

    Nana へ
    Heehee~ Thank you!

    Vyvy へ
    Sankyu~ <3

    Miru へ
    Thank you!!! <3

    ♪♥♫◦° mimff °◦♫♥… へ
    =D Thank you so much!

  6. Ahh you look adorable, and hair look beautiful!! ^__^

  7. Hi Tsuriki! :)

    Not sure if u'll see my question but anyways!

    Wanna ask what is the phone model you are using? Cos the Rilakuma case is so cute and I've only seen Rilakuma cases for iphone ><

    And your new hair's looking awesome :D

  8. fran へ
    I'm using a Nokia E72. And Thank you! <3

  9. in fact i prefer your before hair but after hair is pretty and mature :)
    love the style!

  10. nice colour (: i prefer the before colour ^^ but suites you well

    CMPang x

  11. Where did you get ur hp case from?

  12. tsurikiii~!
    you really look like kae-pyon from popteen! (kaede tatenuma)
    has anyone told you that before?

  13. Glad that you had change a new hair sponsor. The 'A' salon which you previous went to is really sucks. I went to dye my hair after your recommendation + the deal. Really disappointed and their attitude is super bad.

  14. Anonymousへ
    I guess it's because of the deal period, there were alot of customers. Many of my personal friends do go there, too, and love their service and always go back to get their hair done by Juno.

  15. you look sooo damn cutee!
    i love your hairr its amazingly donee * ^*



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