Friday, 11 March 2011

KIRA キレイになった


Last weekend, as blogged, I was working at Suntec City!
I was working with Michiyo-cyan for the health and beauty fair!

Above photos grabbed from Michiyo's blog.

Our uniform looks aaaaaa bit bit like school uniform I guess.
Many people thought we were cosplaying.
Well... Can't blame them cos Comifest was just one level below the beauty exhibition.

After first day of work!

Michiyo's like super cute and bubbly! Working with her sure was a great and fun experience!
She super nice lah! Boy~ Why didn't we get to know each other earlier?!
Then we can go all gaga over Gyaru fashion together!


I guess some of you would have found her very familar.
Michiyo is actually one of the K-On girls of ANIMAX last year!
She's the one that cosplayed Yui!

Second day of work!

Yeah I love my Liz Lisa Inspired Floral Poncho and Rosebullet Inspired Fur Short Pants!
Both sold on Popu-Store!


I can't wait to be working with Michiyo-cyan again, soon!

Ok~ I'll be working at AMK Hub this Sunday noon.
Do say hi if you drop by! Heehee~



  1. Wah you're so pretty! Im loving that Liz Lisa (?) floral poncho! Too bad they're not that popular where I live!

  2. so kawaii!! you're like my favourite gyaru blogger ! <3 your blog so much! *im also your youtube subbie too btw ^^



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