Friday, 4 March 2011



Finally my new makeup tutorial video is up!
Yes it has been up for a few days already but I've only added the annotations of the products I used this morning.

It's a look I wear often but of course, I only change the lashes I use for the day depending on my outfit and mood etc.

If you wanna go for something sweet and cute, you may just use the same lashes.
Normally if I wanna go something less sweet or cute for the day, I'll change my lashes to lashes like Diamond Lash style instead of DollyWink.

*For you information, I was wearing EOS Super Nudy Barbie Pink lenses*

Hope you enjoy my tutorial!
Stay pretty everyone!

XOXO ツリキ


  1. love your tutorial. Thanks for showing everything so clear <3

  2. you have amazing skinnn <333
    love the tutorial!



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