Wednesday, 30 March 2011

★ LMS Spotlight ★

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**All photos in this post are NOT photoshopped at all. I only edit the colour, lighting and contrast**

Hi everyone!
Ok~ I have been mentioning this new beauty gadget named LMS Spotlight for the past 2 weeks and many people are like "What is LMS Spotlight?"

Here's a little info of this new cool beauty gadget!

LMS Spotlights products use red light therapy that is clinically proven to help clear spots and mild moderate acne, FAST! This is because the red light used in the LMS products would penetrates the skin cells and force our nitric oxide and stimulate anti-oxidants to speed up skin repair.

It is a natural skin treatment so you do not have to worry using them!

Ok. I know many people wouldn't understand all the terms used. So chim~ You may be thinking.

Before I go on with my review, here's a look at the blogger launch held at Swissotel Equinox, 2 weeks ago!

Yes~ We're bloggers. We camwhore!!!

Beauty Bloggger Everbluec

And presenting...

The representatives of LMS Spotlight to introduce this super cool gadget to us!

Chitty chatty away

And of course, there's banners for the LMS Spotlight


Oki! The actual event starts!

All listening attentively and snapping photos at the same time!

Product demo time!

The product MUST touch your face when you're doing your treatment!
This is to ensure direct penetration of the red light to your skin cells for the best results!

And yes! We just couldn't wait to get our hands on our own products!

I really love the design of the products, too!
They are all cosmetics inspired!
*Will explain more later in the post*

Yes! Must TRY!!!

So my first opinion of it is that it's really cool that the gadget do not get heated up! So you'll never have to worry of heat after using the gadget for your entire face, or even back!

Yes~ This product is not only applicable to usage on your face, but also on your body where spots, acne, pimples tend to pops up like your back.
Especially for people who loves halter neck, I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

See! Even Dblchin couldn't wait!


Ending of the event with a group shot!

So now! Here's the 3 different LMS Spotlight products!

LMS Spotlight 24 - Ideal for use on larger skin area.
Retail price: $199

This LMS 24's design is inspired by a compact, powder casing. So cute lah!
Imagine if you were to take it out from your bag, people will just think that you wanna touch up your foundation or something!

Personally, I use my LMS 24 at home in my daily skincare routine!

Skincare Routine:
Step 1 - Clease like you do everyday normally
Step 2 - Tone
Step 3 - LMS Spotlight 24
Step 4 - Moisturise

And yup I was using the LMS 24, Friday morning before work at MMK.

But of course, I understand that this LMS 24 may be a little big to bring around in your bag especially for people who loves using small handbags.

TADA!!! Here's a handy one that I bring along with me everywhere I go in my makeup bag!

LMS Spotlight 8 - Ideal for use on a few pimples.
Retail price: $129

I love the design of the LMS 8 the most!
The design of it is inspired by lipstick! So pretty right?!

Like mentioned, I bring along this LMS 8 with me everywhere I go when I'm out.
This way, my treatment routine will not be disturbed at all throughout the day!

Below are some camwhore photos of me doing my treatment when I'm out.
*Ahem* The photos are ALL taken when I was at McDonalds while my friends played Yu-Gi-Oh

Notice something?

I was doing my treatment on top of my makeup!

YES! it's totally fine to do your treatment over your makeup!
So you don't have to worry at all about having makeup on and you need to continue to do your treatment for the day!

LMS Spotlight 3 - Ideal for use on single spot.
Retail price: $79

This is the smallest LMS Spotlight that is suitable and is just nice to pop into your clutch or pocket! Now you'll never have to worry about being out partying and suddenly feel like a spot if popping out but you don't have your LMS 24 nor LMS 8 with you!

This LMS 3 is inspired by the design of a mascara that is super slim and handy to bring along everywhere you go! And yes! Even parties or important dinner where you are to bring only a clutch.

Treatment process

It's simple! You just have to do your treatment 3 times a day!
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner!

Every device is set to a treatment time of 1 minute. The device will off automatically after 1 minute so that you know it's time to continue your treatment onto another part of you face.

However, for the LMS 3, the treatment time for one area is 3 minutes. So all you have to do is to turn it on and repeat treatment onto the same spot before continuing to the next.

LMS Spotlights are suitable for ALL SKINTYPES and ALL AGES (excluding kodomos under 3 years old)
Seriously~ do they even need it?!

Please note everyone, the LMS Spotlights are NOT for use during pregnancy okay~
If you really want to, please consult a doctore first.

My final review

I am one that tend to have pimples every 1 week before my mensus is here. I HATE IT!!! I believe everyone hates it, too, right?!

To be frank, my period should be coming next week. But I have not gotten a single pimple popped out ever since I started using the LMS Spotlight, doing my treatment daily!

Pimples usually pops out around my nose, my forehead, my eyebrow and chin area but even till not, I don't see nor even feel a single sign of any pimples popping out!

And they're all really simple to use, too, with NO side effects!!!

So conclusion?

It totally worth your money!
The LMS Spotlight helps to prevent future spots, too. So imagine~
Spots-free face?! Why not!?!?!?!?!?!

LMS Spotlights are sold exclusively at Guardian outlets!
Go check them out, grab yours and BEAMS your way to pretty pretty skin!!!

If you have any questions, do feel free to drop me an email or even a question on my Formspring.
I'll try to answer them, else, ask LMS to clear your doubts.

Stay pretty everyone!!!


  1. A great review - love it!

  2. I love your hair color right now!!
    This LMS thingy looks cool *o*
    I love your blog <33
    By the way, I think someone took your photo
    They didn't post your name or credit it..

  3. Anonymousへ
    Thanks! I just saw the link but I don't know how to contact the owner of that tumblr.
    I'm a tumblr noob... =(

  4. omg damn cool! i want to get that! <3

    *save money save money*

  5. what model and color your prisila wig is?

  6. Anonymousへ
    More info will be up in my review by Wed latest!



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