Monday, 14 March 2011

☆ 美智代ちゃんと一緒~ ☆


Ok. Everywhere is flooded with depressing news for these few days.
I myself am like freaking afraid of reading the news, watching the news on TV and even logging in to check my email as I am using Yahoo Japan mail as many of you know.
Boy~ everytime I log in I get earthquake warnings and news and updates etc etc. I feel freaking sad and afraid lah!

My stepmom's friend, Auntie Agnes, and her whole family is not contactable till now. They really took great care of us and showed us around whenever my dad and stepmom goes Tokyo and of course when I went over back in 2009.

Maizawa-san! You must be fine okay?!
Auntie Agnes!!! Narumi!!!

Tweet 真衣子ちゃん like soon using my phone.
Couldn't wait till I get to use my lappy!

Thankfully she's fine. Read LIEちゃん's blog too.
Thank goodness are they both fine.

Ok.. I shall blog something happy, or at least not depressing to cheer you all up a little, as much as I can.


Look of the day!

I used 2 pairs of DollyWink #2 lashes for my upper lash.

Yeah I love my Canmake Nudy 02 Lip Gloss!

Outift of the day
Matched with my favourite sneaker heels from NewLook

That day I went over to SOZO as tweeted together with Michiyo-cyan.
She came and picked me up before heading over to the office.

Boy did it rain heavily that day. Don't like~ (>。<)

Above photos grabbed from Michiyo's blog.

Ok~ I was wearing AngelColor Wing Brown Lenses at first but I changed to Candy Magic Big Grey before leaving the house. (笑)

And YIPPE!!! I collected the Ranka Nendoroid Petite I ordered from Toycoin, too!


I know this Ranka Nendoroid is expensive as it's just a Nendoroid Petite BUT c'mon!
The Macross Frontier series has NENDOROID like FINALLY!!!
It is a MUST BUY for me lah!

I'm still considering if I should get the Sheryl or not.

Oki. That's all for now.
I'll be working with Michiyo-cyan this Friday 18th March to Sunday 20th March at NEX.
待ってるよ~ ♥


  1. Where did you bought the suspender thingy? I can't find them in bugis S:

  2. Anonymousへ
    I bought that from Far East Plaza but the shop I got it from closed already. =(



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