Saturday, 5 March 2011

★ リラックス ★


Ok. I was in super good mood today, or rather yesterday.


Cos I have super chio hair again!
Ok. I'll blog about getting my hair done at Artica soon.

This is a short camwhore post of photos taken at my boyfriend's house just now when I was waiting for him to come home.

Yes this is MY Rilakkuma!!!
Boyfriend caught it for me last year, as mentioned before. Muahahaha~

Yeah I love the feeling of the wind blowing my hair!
*Even though yes it is just the fan~*

Come everybody! See my 美腿~☆

*Tries to act sexy but fail* Lol

Yeah I found a new angle to camwhore!

Love it that my eyes look bigger with this angle!
*No photoshop at all okay?!*

Even *wink wink* also nice~

Ok~ That's all for now.
I gotta go sleep soon as I'm working over the weekend.

*Hint hint*
I'll be in Suntec City.
Anyone wanna guess what exhibition will I be working in?

おやすみ o(^∇^)o


  1. You look so cute! And you found a good angle!

  2. wow! hi pretty! i found about your blog because of an entry i made with some screenshots of kawaii tv without knowing you had one hahaha, a cute girl wrote about you in a comment so, here i am. n_n

    nice to meet you, kisses <3

  3. Nice photos!!!

    Haha. Btw, may I ask where u bought those specs? <3

  4. Hi~
    I have a question..
    is there anywhere to buy Candy Doll products in Singapore?
    Hope you can answer !! <3
    Thanks ^ ^

    I check your blog almost every day.
    You are soo PRETTY !!~
    I love the poncho and glasses you're wearing!!!

  5. ★Melへ
    Thank you! Nice to meet you, too!

    I got that specs from the accessories shop in Cineleisure taht's just beside the neoprint shop.

    Thank you~!
    You can actually order CandyDoll prosucts from my blogshop.

  6. Hi may I know which lashes are you using! Thanks! (:



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