Friday, 18 March 2011

メイド ♥ トレーニング


Last Saturday I went over to SOZO for my meido training!


Outfit ot the day!

Glitter Tube Top - FOS
Demin Jumper - PopuStore
Fringe Mouton Boots - PopuStore
Knitted Maru Hat - Luvlicious
Kuma Tote Bag - W♥C

Camwhoring while waiting for the train.

I love the colour of my hat!
Thank you Mio-san for giving me this hat!

As stated earlier this hat is from Luvlicious.
If you're a regular reader of magazines like ViVi & JJ, guess this should be quite a familar brand to you.


And yes... Everytime I look at the MMK Menu, I get hungry. ='(

Michiyo and I!
Yea we'll be serving all ご主人様、お嬢様 today till Sunday at NEX Shokutsu10.

Photo taken by Jim and he helped me set the settings for my PEN Lite!
Yea! Now I don't have to keep snapping photos using iAuto mode.

Yes I noob, okay~


MMKに 待ってるね。♥

After training, I found this Doraemon shop in Chinatown Point!

Ok~ I didn't take down the unit number but it's totally spottable!

Seriously, everything sold at that shop is Doraemon!
I was going crazy there lah!

Got myself a new mouse pad and pouch for my mp3.

Oki. That's all for now.
Have a nice weekend everyone!



  1. Heeen I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT <3
    You're so beautiful, cute... Owh & i love your videos on youtube :)


  2. Cute as always!

    I have the exact same WC tote! Haha love your outfit, you're always pulling off the cute Popteen style so perfectly!

  3. SUCH CUTE OVERALLS!! i wish it was warm enough to wear them here >:



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