Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Playtime with WIGS!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for not blogging for almost a week.

Here's a short post of me playing with some wigs I have that day after MMK training at SOZO as posted in my previous post.

My short black wig.

I got this from a Taiwan wig spree a couple of months ago.
The quality is not bad but I guess I am just not used to seeing myself with black hair anymore after like 6 years of brown or even gold hair.

So yup! So far this wig has not made it out of my house, yet. LOL

My brown Yui wig.

This is actually my wig for the Yui costume for performance.
Sadly due to some stuff, I have not gotten the chance to wear this wig out.
So ya... I havent even trim the fringe!

One of my all-time favourite wig, my green Ranka wig!!!

Ok~ I know yes the colour is WAO but I really love it as the quality is really good!

I actually wore it out to a party before and people actually thought that I dyed my hair GREEN!!!
So yup! Can you imagine like how the wig actually looks like real hair?!

And yes! Not forgetting my new Ranka Nendoroid!!!

Yes I love Ranka ALOT!
I guess it's because Ranka is the very first character I cosplayed as.

I'm not really a cosplayer myself but getting the chance to cosplay as Ranka sure was a super duper fun experience.
And yes~ Not forgetting my special performance in Cosplay Arts Festival 2009.

Oki! That's all for now!
Will be back to blog more, soon!

Have a good night everyone!
Sweet Dreams~~~!


  1. waaah u're a cosplayer too~? awesome..he2

  2. Rin ♥ 김혜린へ
    Well, actually nope.
    I only cosplay if needed for performance as requested. But it sure is fun! lol~

  3. It's so funny !
    You're very cuute !

  4. I think the black wig looks super cute on you!

  5. the first one makes you look like a doll!



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