Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hair Re-Bleached!

Hi everyone!
Yeah I'm finally awake after a whole day of sleep.
Was super tired I just keep zzz.........

So last Friday, I went down to Artica to get my hair re-bleached as my roots were growing out and my hair's colour is a bit imbalanced already.

Sayonara Black Roots!

Yes! The pro Juno doing his job seperating my 2-tone hair carefully!

Bleaching in process!

It had been quite a long time since I last smelled the smell of hair bleach. =P

And TADA!!! Back to super chio hair after around an hour!

Yes I love my chio 2-tone hair!

See! It's so nicely done right?

I know that there are people out there wanting to get 2-tone hair but am afraid that the hairstylist am not able to do you hair so nicely.

Here's a easy one... Go to Artica!
Look for Juno! Get him to do your hair for you!!!
Artica's charges are really reasonable, too!

Can't stop snapping photos of my chio hair even when I'm on the escalator, on my way to Kinokuniya!

Jealous? Don't be~ Just get it done!!!


  1. Even though your hair was bleached, it looks so healthy! And the two-toned look is really nice on you. :D By the way, what camera do you have? It looks quite cool!

  2. LKへ
    Thanks! I'm using a Olympus PEN Lite 1. =)


  3. was watching your video on youtube...realise u got the same camera as me...! did u use it to take videos?
    i like ur make up, hope you do more videos! x

  4. Is th shirt bought from dirtybling.livejournal?!

  5. Stella *へ
    Yup I used the PEN for my latest video.
    Thank you! =)

    Nope. I got mine from a flea market last December.



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