Saturday, 18 December 2010



Remember I said that I was gonna get my new haircut and hair colour soon the other time? Well.. as you can see, I have not got it done till now cos of work. On weekdays I'm just stuck at office and my office location is super far and inconvenient for me to go to Artica to get my hair done. On weekends, there's also something on so sadly, still I do not have the time to find Juno.

I've been shopping for wigs recently online and I actually wanted to get this 2-tone wig I posted on Facebook but sadly it was out of stock.

And a few days ago, I saw this Prisila wig!

Man~ I wish THAT is my very own hair lah!
I don't want wig!!!

What do you think about it?

I kinda set my mind to getting a 2-tone hair colour next and am super excited as I'll be getting my hair done real soon in a couple of days! Yippe!!!
I always wonder what would Juno do to my hair even when I'm always suggesting different ideas and stuff to him!

Can't wait can't wait!!! I have been having this current hair colour ever since July?! Freaking OMGoodness! That's almost half a year already lah!
I am one person that gets bored of my hair color real fast so I tend to get a new color every 3 months!

So ya~ That's one more thing on the list to why I hate working full-time! I don't have time to even get my hair done!!!
But like what other choice do I have right?

So back to what I was 'saying'...

The longest time I made myself stay away from dying my hair was like 6 months without even touching up my roots like 2-3 years ago as my bf was complaining that my hair was too damaged.
Seriously~ That was the toughest time I've been through go far for HAIR!!! I am just not able to bear see the ugly black roots growing out of my head!!!

How I wish that every human has this button or something that you can either switch hair growth on or off! Like that I don't have to constantly dye my hair and also for people who has short hair that is of high mantainence wouldn't have to get their hair trimmed every 1-2 months!

But then again, if that really does happen one day, the world will be freaking scary. I so do not wish to be living in that kind of world~!

So thankfully I have Juno to do my hair for me!!!

Oki. That's all for now!
I'm so excited as I'll be having breakfast with Gerry later!
Yippe!!! My bestie is finally back in Singapore!!!
Supper kakki!!!



  1. : D YEA~ You should definitely buy a tow-toned wig~ It looks cute~

  2. The prisila wig looks damn good! I remembered a while ago when kumicky had the two toned hair and I wanted it so badly... OTL""

    Where did you see the wigs at? I think I'm going to buy wigs. lol.

  3. Mirai ♥へ
    I saw the Prisila wig on their very own official web site.
    As for the other web, I got a list sent to me from a wig supplier.

  4. never knew of two-toned before! looks good! i want too!

  5. nadnutへ
    Nice right?! It's very popular in Japan, too!

  6. Looks damn good! spreeeee pls! :X

  7. nadnutへ
    Japan wigs around $200SGD for one leh~
    Trying to find similar ones from Taiwan or Korea..



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