Thursday, 30 December 2010

New base hair colour @ Artica

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for the past one week plus as I was busy like everyone else with Christmas and sadly something very very horrible happened.

If you've been following my tweets, you would have known that I was scolding someone for a couple of days and... Ok. I shall not talk or even think about it now.

This post is a HAPPY post!

I'm like stopping myself from blogging my thoughts or what-so-ever related to that horrible thing cos I'm afraid that I may blog things that I'll regret. So ya... I shall cool down and note my thoughts down after I'm not boiling up there in my head.

First! Here's a photo to prove the importance of false lashes!

Haha~ Very big difference right?!

Ok. It's kinda like a bo liao pic and I thought that some people may not see why so many girls like to put on false lashes etc etc. Well, now these people know!


So here's the final look!

I know my hair is super horrible and oily looking and stuff.
That's because I prepared my hair for bleaching and colouring!

What I meant by "prepare"?

Well, if you're gonna dye your hair, or worst bleach your hair, DO NOT wash your hair around 2 days before getting your hair done!

Why? Cos the oil on your scalp produced over that few days will protect your scalp, your hair when it's being coloured/bleached. Especially people who are gonna bleach, it's a MUST MUST MUST!!!
You may find it kinda disgusting for that few days but it's waaay better than having your hair super sting and itchy etc etc when the bleach goes on!

Famous singer Coco Lee don't wash her hair for like almost 2 weeks if she know that she's gonna get hard bleach okay~
So as compared, 2-3 days is nothing lah~

Seriously, I CANNOT imagine myself not washing my hair for more than 4 days lah! EEEeeeeeee~~~~~!!!!!

And yes I CANNOT stand the sight of horrible black roots!!!

And like mentioned before, I went down to Artica to get my hair done last week!

Last look at my disgusting black roots!

Here I am fully prepared and armoured to get my new base hair colour done!

Photo taken by Juno.

He was like playing with my camera as his wife wanna get my camera.

Seriously, he was like shaking my camera like mad when the took the photos and they all came out SHARP!

Haha.. the scene was funny sia~

Nun head! No Mr. UFO that day~ LOL

So I played my DS, kept myself entertained with my phone etc while Juno was busy with other customers. Seriously.. Christmas season is CRAAAAZY~!
But well, Juno served everyone well! He was like superman that day! LOL

Washed off the dye after my roots are the same shade and colour to the rest of my hair.

What's next?

Hair Treatment!!!

It's my very first time doing proper hair treatment.
Hahaha.. iT's super fun.


See! This!

LOL~ Ok.. It may look a bit scary from the photo as if my head was super duper HOT or something but no no no..
It's just warm. A very comfortable warm. Especially when Far East Plaza's aircon start to gets super cold, this is just heavens!!!

And tada!!! My new base hair colour!!!
I'll be going back around end January after my filming with NHK to get my second tone of hair colour!

This colour is Ash Green. Me likey likey!!!

I always know I can leave my hair in the great hands of Juno!!!

Thank you Juno, Thank you Artica!!!

Far East Plaza
Tel no.: 68362891

Remember to make an appointment before going down to avoid disappointments oh~!


  1. your new hair color is cute~ and you're pretty without eyes make-up too ^___^ I'm not really good at make up, though, did u make any tutorial yet?

  2. Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린へ
    Hi! Thank you!
    You can check out my YouTube Channel for my previous makeup tutorials.
    Am squeezing time out to do a new one! =)

  3. Whoa~ I never new you weren't suppose to wash your hair before a bleaching! I usually just washed it the night before a dying. XD

    But ahhh, I really love your hair now, even more! The color is soooo nice <3

  4. Omg wow! Your hair is so long!! Is it real??
    And you're a cutie ^^
    <3 have a good day!

  5. I love your new hair color~ <3 It is so cute on you!

  6. what's your second colour going to be?

  7. Dollyへ
    Haha... Now you know. Actually if you're doing normal dye, like not even super light colours, one-day-old hair is good enough.

    Hee... Thanks! And yup my hair is real, my very own hair. Kept it for 3 years plus already... =)

    Thank you! (^^)

    Havent decided.. Will discuss with Juno again first.

  8. Hihi
    What lashes are u using? (up and bottom lashes) They look so pretty on you!! =)))

  9. Anonymousへ
    Was using Diamond Lash Violet #1 for upper lash.
    Lower lash is a combination of Diamond Lash Violet #4 & #5.

  10. hey ur makeup are awesomeee. where can I get diamond lash in Singapore?

  11. Anonymousへ
    Hi! You can get them from my blogshop when we open our next preorder for Diamond Lash.

  12. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself
    or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I'm looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from.
    many thanks

    my website ... far cry 3

    1. Hi! Thank you! I design my own blog's template and layout. ^^



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