Saturday, 11 December 2010

Bio-essence Multi-Effect BB Cream

Hi everyone!
I've received a question from a reader asking me which BB cream am I using or do I have any recommendations last week.

As many of you would have known that I have been looking for a BB cream ever since I started working thanks to freezing cold dry air-con every in the office. And to make it worst, my desk is right under the air-con.

So I went on the search for a BB cream that not only conceals, moisturise, whiten and best is to help reduce wrinkles and lines. Many of you did give me your recommendations by leaving a comment here and even on my Facebook. Thank you everyone!

Introducing Bio-Essence BB Creams!

Bio-Platinum BB cream is great for whitening, Aqua BB Cream for moisture and Bio-Multi-Effect for coverage!
So there's defintely one for you to choose from to cater to your needs!

And which is have I been using and loving?

The Multi-Effect BB Cream!

Wondering what so 8-in-1 about it?
Remember what I was looking for in a BB cream?
This BB cream not only fulfils all of what I was only for but even more!

1. Concealer
2. Sun Block SPF 25/PA++
3. Skin Repair
4. Moisturiser
5. Nourishment
6. Oil Control
7. Skin Whitening
8. Reduces Wrinkles and Lines

So amazing right?!

See! No foundation oh! Only BB cream & Loose powder on!
And of course, NO PHOTOSHOP FOR MY FACE!!!

Here's a short story of りんごちゃん!

Poor りんごちゃん has uneven skin~

BB: Why so emo?
りんご: Just LOOK at me! My skin is so terrible how on earth am I to face the world? I've tried many products but nothing seems to work!
BB: Leave that you me!
りんご: You sure you can do the job?
BB: *smiles*

りんご: *Looks into the mirror* AH! BB!!!
BB: Yes?
BB: Haha~ Yes I know!
りんご: Now I'm able to not only face the world but also get better skin whenever I apply you on! Thank you Thank you!!!
BB: No problem! You're welcome! No only that! I have the stronged coverage out of all 3 BB creams of Bio-essence!

And yes! Bio-essence Multi-Effect BB cream is my hero, too!

Tada!!! OUR HERO!!!
Simply gently pat pat pat the BB cream gently instead of spreading for the best and most even application!

See! It's so natural! Before application my skin tone is slightly yellowish which makes me looks as if I'm sick! That's also a bad thing about being too fair actually...

But I have nothing to worry with Bio-essence now!

I've been using this Bio-essence Multi-Effect BB cream ever since I got it unless I have photoshoots on which nope not in the past week! LOL!

This BB cream is available at Watsons so if you wanna try it, you can simply grab one there!

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