Friday, 17 December 2010

Fair Skin with Bio-essence BB Cream!


Hello everyone! Remember my post on Bio-essence 8-in-1 Multi-Effect BB cream a few days ago?
Now here's one that is 10-in-1!!!

Nope I did not type wrongly! Really it's 10!!

Tada!!! This is the wonder baby from Bio-essence that not only gives your a natural nude makeup finish, it has tanaka extract to facilitate whitening of the skin!!!

10 Benefits:

1. To revitalize the skin with Platinum
2. To create a natural, nude makeup with luminous glow
3. Concealer
4. Makeup Base
5. Sun Block
6. Skin Repair
7. Oil Control
8. Hydration & Nourishment
9. With anti-oxidants to reduce wrinkles & lines
10. Whitens skin

What's Platinum?

Platinum is a very rare ingredient, and it boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself against free radicals.

Yeah! I know yes I was blessed with super fair skin by birth in the very first place BUT! Whitening products are important, too, to maintain and remain fair~! Heehee~

So what can be better than your makeup products to helps in whitening, too?!

And because there's SPF 25++/PA++, you won't have to worry about forgetting to apply sun screen anymore!
*Ahem~ I myself do forget sometimes... heehee*

See! No more this this that that products after that that this this every morning! Great for working people like me that has to wake up like 6am in the morning!!!

For students in poly, it's also super good right?!
I know everyone wanna see perfect whenever you go out, even to school, but you have like projects and assignments to rush so you may end up burning midnight oil till i-don't-know-what-time. This BB cream will solve ALOT of problems when it comes to getting ready for school every morning.

Imagine.. Rush for project but you still have a lecture or worst a test or exam paper the following morning at 8am!

Grab your sample set now!

Help to vote for me by grabbing your sample set, too, at the same time!
My ticket to Korea lies in your hands!

Thank you everyone! And hope that you'll like the BB creams as much as I do cos THEY ROCK!!!


  1. cute pic~~~
    and yes u have a fair skin~ But I wonder... some ppl said that using bb cream is not what they said of 'skin-caring' yet it could be a culprit for breakouts and other skin problems

    I've been wondering about that all time and because of that too I left my BBC in my desk for a long time and never use it anymore..ha2

    what di you think?

  2. Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 へ
    I guess it may be because of a few factors.

    First, BB cream is like any foundation. You HAVE to use makeup remover and remove everything! If you're still afraid, then use a facial wash that washes off light makeup, too, after makeup remover. So yup, just like foundation or any other makeup, it's not good to use every single day still.

    Next, some BB cream can be oily and clogs pores etc. So that will also cause breakouts etc especially if you have oily skin in the first place.

    You can get the samples to try. It's really not bad! After having it on the whole day, my skin do not feel like over oily. Just normal~

  3. I washed it off using cleansing lotion and then followed by toner, is that enough or should I use make up remover first?

    thanks for your fast reply Tsuriki-san^^

  4. Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 へ
    No problem~

    You have to use makeup remover like what I replied you previously. Followed by your normal cleanse, tone and moisturise. =)

  5. What type of lashes did you use for the lower one?it looks very nice

  6. 希☆へ
    It's a combination of Diamond Lash Violet #4 and #5.



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