Friday, 24 December 2010



It has been quite an unpleasant week for me and I just hope that everything will be fine at least for this Christmas.

Hope that all of you can have a great enjoyable weekend with your friends and families!

And yes! I got a new hair colour a few days back at Artica and the colour is Ash Green.
Will be blogging on it soon!

Once again,
Merry Christmas, マリクリ!
*マリクリ (marikuri) is a slang for マリークリスマス (mari-kurisumasu) among youngsters in Japan*


  1. Merry Christmas to you.
    Hope you get lots of presents.

  2. I believe Japanese people say "meri kuri" for christmas, "christmas omedetou" sounds awkward. And you address people as "mina-san", "mina" is rude.

    God I hate wapanese. Esp wapanese from Singapore, who make all of us look bad.

  3. Mickeyへ
    Merry Christmast o you, too!
    Hope you get lots of presents, too!
    Have a great and enjoyable Christmas!!!

  4. I guess 'Anonymous' just made the Japanese people look not only bad, but rude, racist and ill-mannered. We hate Gaijin wannabes too...bleh~

  5. Awww you look absolutely adorable! Merry Xmas to you! :)

  6. I have to agree with the anonymous above though.. "merii kurisumasu" is more often used that ur version of "marii kurisumasu".

    It's ok to be a wapanese if u're quite successful at that, like Miyake. But for ur case, u still have a long way to go and sometimes u tend to be so that it makes people go "wtf was she thinking?"

    I guess this is what makes the anonymous above so annoyed with you. My advice to you is, stay on the right track and devote more time and effort in being a successful wapanese.



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