Tuesday, 14 December 2010



A few weeks back there was this mini tea party held by Tokyo Bust Express!

Look of the day!

Upper Lash - DollyWink #2
Lower Lash - DollyWink #8
Lenses - EOS Jelly Brown

Outfit of the day!

Furry Leopard Hat - PopuStore
Plain White Top (Inner) - Cotton On
Nordic Outer - John Little
Demin Shorts - Cotton On

Matched with...
Black Leggings
Black Knitted Maru Leg Warmers
Sneaker Heels - New Look

And yes! I can't wait to try out the treatment! Like mentioned on my Twitter, I want boobs like Kipi!!!


Okay~ It actually all started with a photo of Kipi with overflowing boobs on my boyfriend's phone as his wallpaper lah~ It started as a joke but then again, I wanna have a full cup! Now my boobs are like not here not there... If you get what I mean...


So I got up early like 8am to get ready as the tea party starts at 11am.

Allow me to camwhore a bit before leaving the house... LOL

So I got there.. Even though I was late, I was the very first blogger to reach as everyone was delayed due to the super heavy rain that very morning.

Got to meet some other bloggers and was really glad to get to know Jae!

*Ya Jae~ A female blogger... Not Jae as in Jaeson.. LOL*

Now I have one more person to share Japanese fashion and makeup with!!! Wahaha~!

Hot Green Tea to warm us up in that rainy rainy weather

And yup! We got a short briefing where we got to learn the different types of bust! Seriously I didn't know that there is THAT many types of bust and bust problems etc etc!!!

After briefing...




After our 'breakfast' we soon started to decor our very own skretch book!

Some deco items for us to decorate our own skretch book!

TADA!!! Mine! Mine!!!

Camwhore with Fidelis after we're done with our skretch books

Meow~ I don't like taking photos with Fidel. Her face so small lah!!!
She also said that my arm are short... Like when camwhoring even though I fully scretched out my arms already but still the camera is so near.


Never mind.. I should get to know a certain blogger better. We'll understand each other's pain...
Sorry but will not say who the blogger is cos I feel that it's not nice to say that one's arm is short when I don't really know the person...

But I do admit feel that my arms are pretty short as compared to many other people. Sadded...

Never mind! It's ok! It's just time to save money and get a wide-angled lens that's all! LOL

With Karine and Fidelis!

Ok~ I didn't take photos with many others cos I was really tired and also as I was having quite a lot of problems that week I really didn't have much of the strength. Plus! JLPT was the following day!!!

Oki! That's about all...

I can't wait to try the treatment!!!
I know it is kinda like pai seh but still I promise I'll blog how I feel about the treatment!


Good night everyone!
I'll go dream about having boobs like Kipi~ *drools*


  1. my arm is short too! let's form a short arms club! hahahahaha

  2. nadnutへ
    Yeah!!! And Fidel wont be allowed to join.. =X
    Although we have short arms but out photos are still preeetttty!

  3. nyaaah believe me big bewbs aren't that great LOL...
    back ache.. cant wear cute little tops.
    creepy men GAWPING(staring) at you...

    Ive never been to a tea party were you don't know people O:
    Your so brave!
    And those cupcakes look delicious!

    I love your blog posts!
    Your so pretty . 3 . /
    And your skin looks amazing!

    /endstalkercomment ;///; /



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