Tuesday, 7 September 2010

K-On Petite

Hi everyone!

Here's a short post of this cute set of Petite Nendoroid I just pre-ordered!

It's comes in a set of 11 + 1 mystery character!

Gosh! I just can't wait for it to arrive!


My 2nd favourite in K-On is Azu-nya!

Don't forget many people's favourite Mio

Super funny Mugi-chan

And high forehead Ritsu!

One thing about this set of petite nendoroid that I like is that not only does it comes with the characters in their school uniform and swimwear

There's sunburnt Azu-nya!!! 可愛い~!(><)

I pre-ordered them from Toycoin.
So if you wanna get one set your own, you can go check it out!
The latest Petite Miku looks super cute, too!

Oki! That's all for now!

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