Thursday, 9 September 2010

New stuff recently!

Hi everyone!

Here's a short post while I edit my video for Aqualabel's contest!
Really hope that I can get your support after the video is being uploaded on Aqualabel's Facebook Fan Page!
I'll blog like mad and share with everyone if I win the trip to Tokyo!

I have been going Daiso quite often these few days after I realised that the outlet at Plaza Singapura is now BIGGER! Wootz!

New tweezers for me to apply my falsies with!

Ramune Caramel Corn!!! I just LOVE Ramune flavored stuff!
Even my pore pack is Remune! Wahahaha~

Love this tibit lots after trying it out in Tokyo last year when they were like given out on streets.
So~ Just took one to try!

Got 2 boxes of Freshkon Sparkler Blue lens as temp lens while I wait for my friend to open her next lens spree!

Here's how the lens look like when being worn!
(Lower lashes were photoshopped)

I was in too much of a hurry I didn't have time to put on my lower lashes today!

Got my Yui mug, hairband, VS Pink brush and W♥C magazine!
Loves my W♥C Bag!!!

Now that I finally have a cup/mag of my very own at home, I'll drink more water!
LOL~ Only realised that I didn't have a cup of my own after moving to this house like 9 months?!

That's all for now!
Do remember that JFS and my own personal sprees' deadline is this Sunday!
Do place your orders soon!
Thank you and have a good night everyone!


  1. Hi pretty may i know where do u download ur NDS game ? thanks

  2. your mnake is gorgeous! And i like all your shopping buys~

  3. Anonymousへ
    Sorry but I do not know where to download them from as most of the games are uploaded by my friend before the DS was given to me.
    I get a friend of mine to help me download new games whenever I want one.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi~
    did you get ur w&c magazine from kino? thanks :)

  5. るうかへ
    Yup! i got it from Kinokuniya Orchard.

  6. where did you get the mug from? thx pretty

  7. Anonymousへ
    I got it from KKNM @ Sunshine Plaza. =)



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