Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New items!!!

Hi everyone!
Here's a short post of 'some' new items I just received!


Ok. Before I continue, I would like to make a notice for those who ordered stuff from me from my Spree #2.

For those items that for the be post out, I've packed them already and will send them out by tomorrow.

For those who ordered your bags, I've emailed all already.
If you have not received my email in case it went to junk mail or something, please inform me.

Oki! Continue...

I just spent some time to bling half of my DS Lite cover

Heehee... Will continue tonight or something... LOL

Oh ya! I also received my new wig for this year's Cosplay Arts Festival's Performance!!!
Wahahaha!!! Can't reveal what will I be doing this year as usual.
I just can't wait for CAF!!!
But then again, that means performance is getting nearer and nearer every second!
Oh my goodness!!!

Lastly, I've received my cheque from 24Seven!


To end of this post, here's a latest photo of ななちゃん!


Isn't she just super duper 可愛い?

So super tempted to get her hair colour and hairstyle! (><)




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