Saturday, 18 September 2010



Why is this post's title 'Nom Nom Day'?
Cos I practically spent my whole day eating and eating! LOL

Feeling super tired cos I practically did not sleep at all yesterday thanks to 2 continuous fright of THAT stupid thing!
I shall not blog what is it exactly cos I seriously do not wish to receive any horrible practical joke or what-so-ever mail or anything.

If you know it, you know it.
If you've been reading long enough, you should know.

Woke up at 1pm after getting some sleep finally when my mom's back from work.
Thank goodness!
For once last night was a night I soooo did not wish to be home alone.

Head out to 24Seven's office for Popiah Party!
Met Weijie along the way before going there together!

Photos of some great memories I had with 24Seven!

I look so different in all 3 photos man! Wahahaha~~!!!

Got to know a girl, Ruoxuan, today!
Girls will be girls. Although we only knew each other for less than an hour we were kinda like working together to "bully" Weijie. LOL


After having our proper food and popiah outside, we hang out inside the office after Sidney arrived and everyone started aiming all the "children food"!

C'mon~ Like WHO can resist Ham & Cheese?!

With Ruoxuan

With Weijie
Meow this guy just can't stop playing with which-ever bows I wear out everytime! LOL

With Sidney

Ok. I'll blog more photos when I get the group photos from Claudia!

After eating and eating for a few hours at 24Seven, I head down to Clarke Quay to meet my boyfriend, Uncle XM and Merlion for dinner!

Yes~ Eat again!!!

Ranka presenting my dinner!


Curry Rice

Came back home after bf and XM met Daniel.

And YES!!! PopSister November Issue!!!

I'm like so so so tempted to get the Melliesh Gel Liner now sia!
And the Green Apple AngelColor Lens that つーちゃん wore on the cover photo is super chio!!!

I WANT!!!!!

Beside all these that happened today, I was reading ななちゃん 's blog last night and if you saw on my fanpage, I LOVE HER NEW HAIR COLOR!!!

Vanila Beige!

Man I so so so love her new hairstyle, too!

I'm so tempted to get her hair color and chop off my hair!

But then again... I will not cut that short again... I think...

ニャ~ I only dyed my hair like 2 months ago... Hmm...
I guess it's time to start thinking about my next hair color? Maybe?
For next month?


Oki! That's all for today!
Photos of ななちゃん are credit to her blog



  1. Hello! May I know where did u buy the popsister magazine?cos I went to popular n kinokuniya also don't have:(

  2. Missywinnieへ
    I got mine from the Kinokuniya's outlet at Liang Court.
    After I bought mine there was only one last copy left.

  3. Hihi did you include like how much you love anime and japanese stuff when you sign up for mmk thingy? Anyway wish you luck for the interview,hope you will get in (=

    Tried posting at your formspring but cant >.<

  4. Hihi did you include like how much you love anime and japanese stuff when you sign up for mmk thingy? Anyway wish you luck for the interview,hope you will get in (=

    Cant comment on your formspring

  5. Ur self shots are very pretty! love ur hair colour!

  6. hi. I didnt get through but still thanks.
    I did not include that in my mail. =)



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