Monday, 27 September 2010

♥ いろいろだ ♥

9月12日 - ジュノーの婚礼

Went for Juno's ROM with boyfriend!


SEE the HUGE smiles on the couples' face! (笑)

Exchange of vows

Wish them all the best!!! Heehee~

Boyfriend and his mom and the newly weds!

9月19日 - 早稲田渋谷『第20回星蘭祭』

Look of the day

Super Nudy Pink Lens
Diamond Lash Violet Range #1 and #5 Lashes

Couldn't decide which hat/cap should I wear

Decided on my pink NY cap in the end.

So after meeting Wendy at Clementi, had MOS breakfast then we head over to Waseda!

Was so so so happy to saw 永井先生 after I reached there. Man I miss her lessons!
Wanted to support her daughter's class by getting some 焼きそば or お好み焼き but they were all sold out already. Sadded...

First stop was MOVIE!!!

We were given each a cup of popcorn to enjoy while watching the movie

Well... I still like the old 花より男子 ones...
Sadly I missed the Rookies one last year. Heard it was super duper funny!

Sushi that Wendy and I shared

Boyfriend "and Merlion" watched the basketball match as usual. However, they did not take part this year as they did not have enough people.

Went playing here and there with Wendy. Joined Jo and Eileen from time to time.

Ok... I didn't take lots of photo this year as it wasn't as fun and stuff like the past years so I was that hyped up.
Did take a photo with a cute guy, "Miyavi". Those who played the maze and chose the host club over horse racing will get to see his cute photo on the wall.
He was like so nice. Cos Wendy and I "hired" him at the "hostclub", he asked if we have a camera and if we would like to take photo with him. LOL.


But ya... Cos of privacy reasons for the jap students, I will not be blogging his photo up.

You can check out more on their school's website here:

Rested at Subway near Clementi MRT station after leaving Waseda before going to Yingjia's Birthday Party!

Boyfriend and I

9月25日 - ロック

Decided to wear a different style for a change.

After watching Legend of Fist: Return of Chen Zhen with boyfriend, Joey and Freddie, met Yvonne and Wendy for Karaoke to celebrate Yvonne's birthday!

Come to think about it, after knowing Joey for like more than 7 years, I've only went out with him at most twice including this movie together!

CAUTION: Never disturb her when she selecting her songs. LOL


With Wendy

After KTV, went over to Cineleisure to take Purikura

After neoprint, Yvonne went home while Boyfriend, Wendy and I caught a midnight movie - Outrage.

Probably not the best choice of movie for something that late in the night but it's interesting. LOL

9月26日 - 美味しい~

Had dinner with my dad, stepmom, sister and Raymond at Spizza!

Mushroom Soup

Beef Lasagne

Pizzas!!! Okay~ I forgot which pizza is which but who cares!?
They taste goooooood!

After dinner at Spizza, we went over to Island Creamery for ice cream

I got Island Sling and Pear Sake and my sis got Fresh Banana and Nutella.

Daddy got Ping Pong Milo.


Head back to my dad's new place after we're all full

And yes!!! I miss Soon soon!!!

Isn't she just adorable?!

Did not shot any photos of BBoy cos he kept running around.
Active Dog!!!

Ok. That's all for now!
Have a good day everyone!

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