Thursday, 2 September 2010

JFS Cosmetics #2 Opened!

Hi everyone!

The 2nd preorder for japanese cosmetics on my blogshop is officially opened!

Here's your chance to grab your favourite CandyDoll, Melliesh, DollyWink, Diamond Lash and more!

I'm so getting a CandyDoll lip gloss!

We also have the full 6 shades of Bibo Eyeful Eyebrow which is being used by many models of Popteen, Popsister and Ageha!
It's highly raved and recommended for people going for the Gyaru style!

As shown in this video by 椎名 ひかりちゃん (Shiina Hikari) from Popteen!
(She was using shade 6)

Other well-known bloggers like Ferlyn Yoshimi and Miyake use it, too!

Not only do we have cosmetics, we also have haidye from Palty and Beautylabo!

(Scan from Popteen August 2010)

I sooo wanted to try the Whip from Beautylabo when it was first released in Japan in March!

Check out the preorder page now @
There's over 90 items for you to choose from this time!

We do ship internationally.

Please support! Thank you!

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