Monday, 13 September 2010

Aqualabel X Panasonic


If you have been reading my blog and following my fanpage for the past week or so, you would have realized that I kept mentioning that I was editing my video for Aqualabel.

Above photo credit to Viona

On the 3 September, I headed down to Shiseido office for the 3rd round of Aqualabel's blogger contest for a trip to Tokyo. Yes~! TOKYO!!!

I was given my estimated time slot for my video filming and I was lucky #3!
Seriously~ I'm lucky to be to the first few!

I got to know a group of girls, Viona, Jewl and Gin there.
We sat together at the same table and seriously, it was super nice to get to know them!

We had lots of fun and laughter chatting before the mini workshop started and of course, during workshop and before our individual filming!

These snacks, especially the chocolate waffle bars, sure brought back the 4 of us lots of great memories of our individual primary school life!

80s ROCKS!

It was pretty funny that when we sat down at the table, we saw these magazines of Lady Gaga on covers and some of us were just talking about the bow on my head that reminds many of Lady Gaga!

Lovey lovey Aqualabel products on the table for display!

The workshop soon started first with a short briefing for all from Aqualabel's side and yes, that workshop that evening was our 2nd last step to a trip to Tokyo!!!

Of course... for those to who make it to next round of course...

*Cross fingers*

Next we have a brief introduction to Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX75GC which will be one of the prizes for the 3 lucky bloggers, too!

Introducing the FX75GC!!!

Oh man~ This lovely handy cam that takes video in HD quality is LOVES~!
I'm so gonna do a review of in on LadiesWithTech soon!

It's great for girls and seriously, I had my nail extensions on and I can still use the camera without any problem! Of course.. That's after I roughly understand how the camera works alright.

Here's Jewl and Gin testing the 可愛い camera!

With Viona

So we had a mini lesson on how should we go about taking a video/photo on lighting, focus, white balance and of course not forgetting a introduction of what great and easy to use functions are there on the LUMIX FX75GC!

Never go bluuuurrr again with Face Detection even during video recording!

Seriously love the customizable white balance function so that your photos/videos' will look true!

Before the workshop ended, we also got a quick lesson on video editing and also how to convert the HD Video file taken by the LUMIX FX75GC for our video editing!

So we'll all done and ready for filming!

Above 2 photos credit to Viona

So there we were waiting nervously and camwhoring before Viona goes out first to take her 3 shots!
Seriously hope to be able to meet them again soon!

And soon, it was my turn!

Now... VOTE FOR ME!!!
Please go to Aqualabel's Fan Page @,
Be a fan of Aqualabel and vote for me by simply "LIKE"ing my video!!!
My video is names "Trixy [HQ]"

Please help to vote for me!
Ask your friends to vote for me, too!
Like mentioned in my previous posts, if I win, I'll blog like mad and do vlog, too, to share with all of you my experience in Tokyo!

Lastly, many people have been asking me on my Formspring like what products do I use for my eyes and stuff.

I'm using Aqualabel's Moist Essence HA for my eyes and mouth area to prevent fine lines!
Seriously, I myself am so amazed by the results!
In just 2 weeks I can seriously see an improvement of the lines around my eyes and mouth area!
You know... Heavy makeup and falsies and etc on your eyes seriously isn't your best friend okay~

So now you know the "secret" product I use for my eyes, GO TRY IT OUT NOW!!!
Aqualabel is now sold at Watsons!

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