Monday, 31 May 2010

JFS Photoshoot + Misc


A couple of weekends ago, JFS had our very first mini photoshoot for some of the clothes and misc items that we may be bringing in.

Here's one of the photos of me in the Floral Dress (Design 1) of our previous apparel preorder!

Ok... More photos will be up on a later date.

I finally received the KERA Magazine I got from SgCafe!

It's last year's August issue so there's like lots of Yukata os various styles. Punkish to even Waloli! LOVES~!

Got myself this new Vaseline Lipbalm as I lost my previous Body Shop Lipbalm.

I'm one person that always lose my lipbalm / lip stick / lip gloss.
I don't know why but it just happens.

I have super dry and cracky lips. Have been using this lipbalm a couple of days since I got it and it's GOOD!

I still remember the days when I was filming with MFP and the editor had serious problems with my lips as they cracked like mad!

Got another lip gloss from Ettusais and Shiseido foundation case from the Shiseido sales 2 weeks before on the 2nd day.



I bought the lip gloss cos I lost my previous Majolica Majorca lip gloss

*chio right?*

My current Majolica Majorca foundation case is like super old already~

Next, my latest nails!

Cut my nails short as one of them chipped off.
Extended them and painted this Mermaid feel nails!

Are they nice?

Lastly, this year's Cosplay Arts Festival is already in progress! I just can't wait for July to come!!!

My manager has not come to a decision with the management on what am I performing this year. Oh man~ I can't wait!!!

Hope that they can faster decide then I will have more time to prepare!

Oki. That's all for now!

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