Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Nail Stuff!!!

Yippe! My sister came back from overseas and got me a load of nail stuff!


A lot right?!

Nail Art Stickers

Love this 2 the most cos these floral are really pretty and I was just intending to do some nail art for my yukata to be worn to 夏祭り this year! Matchy matchy!

More art sticks

3D Nail Art

And nail art brushes!


Lastly, before I end this short post,

YIPPE!!! Gotten my cheque from 24Seven!

Thank you 24Seven for lots of various oppurtunities!

Ok. Gonna go to bed soon.

To my lucky readers who voted for my spoof photos for The Last Song,
see you all at the private movie screening tomorrow!
(Or rather later in the evening~)


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