Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hada Labo Preview Launch Event

Cabbed down to Marina at Keppel Bay for the preview launch event of Hada Labo last Wednesday.

Met Dblchin at the event.

2nd time meeting her, yea she's nice~

Press Kit and Nametag!

It's the very first time I go for an event with the name "Tsuriki" instead of Trixy.


The event started off with a talk on Hada Labo the brand

And yea~ Just ain't I super happy that the toner I've always wanted to try is FINALLY here in SINGAPORE!!!

No worried for sensitive skinned people!

Presentation of the product technology by Niwa Takeshi san~

Of course, Niwa-san was talking in Japanese so he needed someone to translate everything to English for him.

I shall not bored you all with para after para of info of the product technology so I took photos of selected slides which explains pretty much of all main points!

Normal product...


No more ache problem!

OK. There's also the bit that covered that the whitening range's technology with experiment that proof that their technology works, too!

Experiment to show how much water their products capture

Pretty Hada Labo girls to show us the correct method of patting in the hydrating lotion and milk and etc!

I like the girl 3rd from the right. She's really pretty~!

Experiment that the product actually works!

Just ONE minute and the hydration level in your skin is doubled!

Happy Happy~!

Refreshments after the presentations and experiments!

Takumi Tokyo is a really really nice place!


このケーキも とても 美味しい~

The different choices of Exfoliating Face Wash for you to choose!

Personally, I love self-foaming facial wash!


*Ahem* Girls also like to take photo of chio bu okay~

So here's the full range of products that will be sold in Watson's in June!

Actually, I just went Ngee Ann City's Watson's this afternoon and they're all already in stores!

You should totally try it too yourself!

My full range of hydration range products!

Grab yours NOW!!!

I'll be doing my review for the products next week!

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