Monday, 24 May 2010

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Lolly: heehee... I do have dry AND frizzy hair~

I would say not to blow-dry your hair too much. It's necessary but don't over do it. Washing your hair on alternate days helps, too.

For for hair products, you can check out the video I did with the hair products I'm using here @ Hair Product I Use. In the video I explained which products helps in what and when do I use them.

Although I'm currently using Kao Essential's Hair Mask instead of the Loreal one in the video, I personally prefer the Loreal one better.

Generally, Kao Essential helps to smooth the hair but does not really help as much as Loreal for anti-frizz.

I also recommend Loreal Professional Expert Serie Absolut Repair Conditioner. I use that whenever I stay over my boyfriend's place. It's really good~!

The only thing about it is that it's pricey~

Hope this would answer your question. (^^)

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  1. tsuriki!<3 thank you so much.. for such detailed reply.. you made my day! keep rocking. and yes i shall try Kao Essential and loreal on alternate days ;D sniffs ill try to not curl my hair too much and put heat on it. once again, arigato!

    forever your reader.



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