Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Some new stuff gotten last month

Hello everyone!

I've not been updating my blog as regularly as I'm busy with some stuff.

Here's some cosmetics I got last month but have yet to blog on.

Ok. The first thing is the Panda packaging eye cream.
It's not cosmetic of course.

Tried and it really isn't good.
Garnier's is still better.

Next is the eyebrow mascara beside it.
Have been using it since the day I got it and I love it!

Next, Kiss Me Heroine's eyelash fixer.

I wanted to get the Dolly Wink's lash fixer but just when I wanted to get it, Watson's had decided to remove it from their store. (泣)

This lash fixer was stated to be tears resistant.
I've done a simple experiment with it and yes!
It is pretty tears resistant!

Lastly, I've also gotten Canmake's Gokubuto Mascara and I'm loving it, too!
There is a certain ingredient that actually conditions your lashes while having mascara on!

Ok. That's all for this short post.

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