Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Too much infomation!!!


Today I first went to meet the girls, Hayley, Jayley, Po and Kelly for lunch in town. Havent decided on a name for the group of us so I'll still have to type out everyone's name. LOL

Anyway... So we had lunch and chit chat a little.

I still remember Hayley & Jayley's expression when they saw me. They thought that I was Ferlyn (or known as Yoshimi to many). LOL

Hmm.. these few days I keep having people telling me that they can't recognise me everytime they see me cos I'll look different. It's like even in the same day but at night I changed a new outfit, changed my hairstyle and "edit" my makeup a little and people can't recognise me, again!

I feel that's good lah~ LOL. Don't really like to stick to the same look for a long time. =P
Do you feel the same way, too?

Edwin then came over to meet us and talk to us for "a while".

And yes, he couldn't recognise me too.

Meow~ suddenly thought of my sis... Sis and Raymond are there having their honeymoon now~ (>。<) THEY ARE IN 北海道!!!

Anyway... so after 4 hours sitting at the restuarant, my butt hurt like mad lah! Numb already okay~

We went to take neoprint before all of us fly off for our own stuff.

ちょう 可愛いですね~

Met Gerry after that.

Went window shopping a little before settling down back at the same resturant, again, for late dinner.

Meow~ Can't wait for my cheques to come in!!! I haven't buy my CNY's clothes!!!

Gerry and I on our way home.

As you can see, we're both super tired already~

Lastly, before I end this short post, I wanna thank ミオさん。

She got me this gel top coat that I wanted lots after reading さくりな, a Ageha model's blog!

Blog post link here

私の 日本語を まだ良くない。
本当に ありがとうございます。

Can't wait to try it out after my nail art stuff arrive!!!

Have a good rest everyone!


  1. Yes Trixy! You look different in those pics loh! "Thousand face girl" you!



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