Thursday, 25 February 2010


Crepe time!!!

Weijie's Choco Banana making in process

My Peach Gelato making in process

Look at it!!! Doesn't it make you drooooooool?

And here we are!



And I with our 美味しいクレンプ!(o^∀^o)


Little present from Dann! heehee...

Yesterday's shopping. Wahaha~

Tried the ラムネ pore pack already.
It's gooooood~ And really refreshing cos of the mint.
Love the new shaver, too!

Kinda Santa! Bought it a few days back.
Have not eaten them yet.
Hope they taste like Kinder Surprise! (><)

Blinged my nails last night.
Ok~ I overdid my left thumb.
Oh well... Shall not waste the blings so my left thumb will be like that till some blings drop off by their own. (*´∀`)

Oki. That's all for now.
Have a good rest everyone!


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