Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lots of new stuff! (゜▽゜)



みんな お元気ですか。

I have quite a number of new stuff specially last Friday where I practically get stuff everywhere I went. (*´∀`)

First, I went to my sister's place with my mom. Had thai food for lunch near Chong Pang with my sis, mom and Raymond. (^^)

Then I went down to town to meet Jo and Eileen at Cineleisure before starting our day shopping around Orchard. Met Fidel where I passed her the strawberry nailart I made for her and she even passed me some Ettusais stuff which I seriously wanted to get and to try out! (・ω・ノ)

The KATE Cosmetics items I asked my sis to help me buy from Japan. LOVES the new eyeshadow! I totally didn't realised that there's actually eyebase in that palette until I see the actually thing! haha... v(^-^)v(^-^)v

Lace hair band and some bling bling that my sis got for me from Japan.

( ・∀・) I got that bracelet at Far East Plaza. 可愛いでしょう。

The 可愛い Pink Heart Shaped Ettusais Pouch with Eyeshadow & Lip gloss and Serum Fidel passed to me and some small blings my sis got for me from Japan, too. (〃▽〃)

Jo also passed me the stuff I ordered, too! Yippe! \(゚▽゚)/

Hair bun bun thingy that Jo bought but realised that she don't really use it so she gave them to me! (=⌒▽⌒=)

Jo also gave me that cutie 猿 contact lens case!!! (*゚ー゚)


Mirror with LED Lights!!! \(^O^)/
It's like SUPER HOT in Japan and I wanted to get one for a very very long time already! Gonna bling it before I really start to bring it out and use it! (笑)

Got these new falsies. Likey likey~
Natural but still has a dolly feel.

My new Majolica eyeshadow and the lip gloss I helped my mom to buy. She liked it very much after seeing I use mine.

Super sad lah~ After buying the eyeshadow, Diana then told me later then night when I meet her that Majolica's eye shadow is horrible and the colour fades super duper easily and fast! What the... I just bought one sia... ( ゚Д゚)

After shopping, I went for Puma's Da Frame Party.

Door gift

Some really cool postcards with Da Mouth dressed in Puma!

Will blog about that night seperately another time. (^^)

Yesterday, went out with Bing Hong.

Here's my make up of the day with the new Majolica eyeshadow I mentioned above.

Without lower lash

With lower lash

I feel that the eyeshadow doesn't have much colour to begin with. Very glittery and shimmery that's very sure. And yes... it faded after a short while. Sian...

But then again, if I'm gonna go for the sweet sweet kind of look that day, I'll still use it.

Hairdo of the day: Big jappy bun with Big bow in front.

I used some extensions for the bow in front.
Not bad for my first try. (≧▽≦) I think...

Ready to go out loh~

Shopping of the day!

Went Daido to get some nail stuff.

☆Book 10 of Switch Girl is out!!!☆
Bought it immediately! (´ω´)

Nail polish remover as I've just finished using mine.

Nails I painted the night before and it's my nails for this month!

Decided not to put on the Strawberry shortcake themed nails I copied from the Popteen magazine.

Couldn't bear using them. o(><)o (笑)

So I clean and cut of my nails last night as one nail clipped already.

Put on extensions loh!

How do you find it?

Ok. That's gonna be all for now.
Will be blogging soon again!


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