Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Happy Tiger Lunar New Year Everyone!!!

Still staying up. Not exactly staying up for 守夜 tradition as it's not being practiced in my family. Just staying up cause I'm shopping for anime figurine online. =P

Shall post a short blog post here before I try to go to bed.

Firstly, I've received a tag on requesting a post on lens from Well, hopefully I'll be able to post about it next week as I'll only post about it after I receive all my lens. But as of now, I can only say that my experience with them so far is very very bad. Even Fidel is pissed off with them lah!

So back to today (or rather yesterday), I met Dann for Percy Jackson & The Lighting Theif. Cooool~ Finally got to watch it. *ahem*

Went over to my dad's place for reunion dinner with my dad, stepmom, step grandparents, stepmom's youngest brother, 大伯 & 大伯母.

A whole table filled with fooooooood~

Ate ALOT lor~

After dinner, rushed down to Dann's place. Had soup that Dann's mom made.


Ok. Something special for now... I shall reveal how I look like when I'm home! Shhhhh~ Secret oh~

Here I am wearing the new pyjamas I bought. Grey with pink polka dots!


And here's how I tie my hair. High loose bun!

And below is how I look like ever since yesterday after getting my long curler


It helps to keep my fringe in place and curled in so after sleeping, my fringe will still look nice nice in the morning!

One last thing...


I received my cheque from 24Seven this afternoon! Sadded... Should have checked the mailbox when I left the house. It may already be here and I can bank it in together with the cheque I got yesterday from Nuffnang.

oh well.. still...


Okay~ that's all for the night!

Have a good rest everyone!
Hope you enjoy your new year & valentine's day well!
Get a lot of red packets!!!


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