Monday, 8 February 2010

Bollywood time!



私もう 大丈夫です。

ご心配で 本当に すみませでした。

Last Saturday was my sis's & Raymond's 2nd wedding dinner.

That's grumpy me leaving my house. Had a super bad morning from the second I'm awake before I even got to open my eyes!

Here's my Bollywood inspired eye makeup for the night!
* Sorry I know it is a bit messy ((◎д◎ )) *

But as a whole, still not bad right? (・∀・)

My bling bling bangles! (゚∀゚*)

My look! (@°▽°@)

Okay. That's all for now.
Gonna go get ready to meet up some girls at our place.
Can't wait to go all chitty chatty with Hayley, Jayley, Po and of course, Kelly!


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