Thursday, 25 February 2010

Japanese Cosmetics: Candy Doll

I'm sure many already heard of the brand Dolly Wink which is produced by 益若つばさ, but have you heard of Candy Doll?

I got to know of this really かわいい brand after buying the Feb issue of Popteen and I find them really super adorable!

Be it you want a...

Natural Look

or a

Dolly Look

or even

something more fun and wild!

It's like one of the few brands that actually has violet blusher!

Do not be afraid when you see/hear violet blusher.
It's actually being used as a highlight as shown in the Dolly Look above! (2nd Look)

I read reviews on Cozycot's forum from some cotters who actually managed to get their Candy Doll products and they states that the lip concealer and lip gloss is super good!

Oh man~ I wanna try, too!

Don't you wanna get you hands on some, too?

I'm thinking of asking my friend to help open a spree for this super 可愛い products!

If you're interested, please leave a comment. This will help me to make sure that I do not miss out anyone when I need to inform you about the spree.

Edited content: Sorry but it is really hard for me to keep track of all email addresses if you leave a tag on my tagboard. So PLEASE leave a comment. I'm sorry if I were to leave out any email addresses if you were to leave your msg on my tagboard. Thank you for your co-operation.

Thank you!

Before I end this post, I would like to say that this is NOT an advertorial.
I just wanna share this cute brand with all of you~ o(〃^▽^〃)o

If you would like to know more on Candy Doll, check out their website here

All images used in this post are credited to Candy Doll


  1. Hey dear,count me in for candy doll's lip concealer & lip gloss.Thanks

  2. please count me in for the candydoll products! :) thanks!

  3. Count me in as well
    *super exited*

  4. yup! i am interested! heard their blusher and loose powder are good too! ;D

  5. Hi there.. is the candy doll spree opened already? =D wanna get some of its yummy glosses...

  6. this makeup looks amazing on tsubasa the false lashes, eyeshadow, and violet blusher i want it all. I live iin california small town called palmdale. Where is ur nearest candy doll store? Or is it online purchase only? I would love to know more about the product and candy doll spree please contact me by email

  7. Anonymousへ
    Sorry but there isn't a CandyDoll store in Singapore.
    My blogshop will soon be accepting international orders. Do stay tuned.

  8. yup! i am interested! heard their blusher and loose powder are good too! ;D

  9. this seems awesome id like to try some to ^ ^



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