Thursday, 18 February 2010

Good morning!


I'm blogging now simply because I can't sleep as my mom's nagging nagging nagging away ever since I got home like more than 5 hours ago. She keep saying she wanna go and sleep but well, she isn't alright. Just like how Fidel will put it, "yada yada yada"... LOL


Happy New Year (again) everyone! Hope that you got lots of red packets ya? I didn't receive many this year so... do help to give me red packets by clicking on my Nuffnang ads ya? heehee...

Here's my hairdo for the very 1st day of this Lunar New Year.

And of course, me in my cute-rose-filled 旗袍. (*゚ー゚)

Spent a whole afternoon with Dann, running from place to place and we even had lunch near my old office. Fishy soup was nice~~~

Went over to my 大伯's house that evening. I was so tired I actually fell asleep on the sofa with my cousins sitting around, watching Shanghai Knights on Channel 5.

2nd Day.

Was supposed to go to OZ's house for movie marathon but... oh well.. some things happened then the whole plan was cancelled. (´△`;)

Went to Marina Square with Dann and Gerry and we spent lots of money catching toys! LOL. I'm super happy I got my Monkey Doraemon!!! (゜▽゜)

It's the original one okay~ Not McDonald's one!

We then went over to Cineleisure for dinner with Xiang Min at night. Went over to the Hong Kong Cafe. I realised that I've been going there many times in the past week. Like... 4 times?! (.. )

After dinner, we went over to cuppage for KTV session! Sang till almost 2am! (・∀・)

3rd Day.

Started out my day with Dim Sum with my mom, aunite and uncle.

Dann wanted to join us but sadly that guy has to work. Horrible boss! Hump!

That's me! Got dragged out of bed in the morning so I look ridiculous!

My mommy! Had to make her laugh then snap a shot or all photos are just her making silly faces!

My uncle and auntie. heehee...

After Dim Sum, I went over to meet Xiang Min and Dann before going over to FFreddy's house. Oh man~ When I saw his mom I was like "I know her! She's the one that rejected me twice at both Project SuperStar Audition!"

( ̄△ ̄;)

It's a small world afterall... It's a small world afterall...
It's a small world afterall... It's a small small world...

Had dinner at Dann's house at night. Just the 2 of us and Dann made me yummy noodles! Heehee...

Love it when he cooks! (´・ω・`)

Just finished painting the nails I saw on the Ageha magazine I bought!

I tried to copy as much as possible to the best that I can of whatever I have of the nails the model on the front page has and here's the end product after 3 nights!


Okay. There's a slightly clearer photo of her in other pages in the magazine lah~ Not exactly the same but like I said, as much as possible to the best that I can.

Shall wear it next month when my dear boyfriend goes overseas for reservist. ニャ~

Last thing before I end this post, I'll be filming for MyFatPocket's How-To video next month! Yippe! Theme is Japanese! Now I need your help! Do suggest to me what hairstyle, hairdo or makeup should I do! You can send me a photo of the hairdo you wanna learn how to do too! I'll try!

Thank you so much!

Okay. That's gonna be all for now.
Shall go back to try to sleep.

Good night everyone!

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