Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Jappy Trix


Have been dressing jappy especially for the past few days. Maybe I just wanna make myself happier in a way.. I guess...

Met up with Gerry, Jo and Wendy on Tuesday. Went to play the UFO machines and etc and we spent like more than an hour there catching toys!

Gerry helped to get me this pair of big ears Mickey and Minnie! Thank you Gerry!

We went Cine to take neoprint after that. Waiting for Gerry to scan the neos~ I left when we were decorating the 2nd neo we took together and rushed off to Chinatown to meet Dann as we're having reunion dinner with his mom, bro, sis and Jae as Jae is not going back to Hong Kong this Lunar New Year.

That's me playing with Dann's cap while wait for food to be served.


Halfway through dinner, I fell sick suddenly. Head super heavy and pain. (苦しい)

On our way home~

Went over to Dann's place that night. Felt super good as I had Dann to take care of me! (嬉しい)

Wednesday, I woke up at 6.30pm. =p

Went down to NYP and watched Dann, Joey and the guys play basketball. Aiya that Joey~ Hair so short still that good looking. Oh well... He has always been not bad looking ever sinced I know him in secondary school lah!

Did my nails at night. Heehee... Very long didn't do my nails by myself already.


Will do more when Jo pass me the nail art stuff I ordered!

Thursday, went shopping for CNY's clothes. Didn't manage to get any clothes alright~ But I did still buy quite a number of stuff.


Thankfully I bought that magazine. It kept me occupied for a very very long wait.

Shall not explain any further but I'm glad that everything is fine... for now...

Friday, TODAY!

Was kinda moddy when I woke up in the morning... LOL

Bad hair day~~~

Went shopping in the afternoon and met Dann after his work.

LOVE Shopping with DANN!!!


Went to MOS for a drink before having reunion dinner with my mom.


Fish head steamboat


Dann caught me this CinnamoRoll DOGGY with only $2!

Yes... I wanna emphasis that it's a DOG and not a BUNNY!

After dinner, Dann went home and when I reached home, I have a letter waiting for me!


After 4 months of wait,

Although it's only a small sum of money, it sure come in handy at the correct time!

Time for CNY, time to pay my insurance, time to pay off some debts. =p


So back to my shopping of the day!


And my new love -- Wedges from GUESS!!!


Oki. That's all for now!
Don't forget to check out the new video I uploaded loh~

Good night!

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