Monday, 22 October 2012

Flaunt like a Shooting Star
Beauty Challenge 2012 with Skinhub!


Hi everyone!

Today I would wanna share with you this Beauty Challenge held by Skinhub!

I guess some people have already spotted this ad in SMRT trains and CLEO magazine!

This year, Skinhub is looking for BOTH Females and Males of the age 18-35 that's ready to hit the spotlight!

Not only are you registering for a beauty challenge, you actually get proper modeling training on top of pampering sessions for yourself!

What's installed?

- Professional Photo Shoot
- Makeover
- Modeling Training
- Star as an endorser for famous fragance & luxury brands
- Appear in magazines and SMRT trains

And by registering with ME! You actually get pirioty queue for this Beauty Challenge!
So register now!

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