Friday, 5 October 2012

SexyLook が 一番好き!

Hello everybody!

Ok. It have been quite a long time since I last shared my shopping so today I'm gonna share with you my shopping on SexyLook Taiwan Official Website!

TADA! All the items I bought!

Before I go on any further, I would like to say that I paid for every single cent of these items! Not even one cent was sponsored, okay?

Just saying incase some people wanna say whatever nonsense again.

Now back to my excitment of my SexyLook haul!

Of course! I MUST order some masks at least from SexyLook, right?

From their most basic range of masks, here's the new collagen one!

As labelled, it's buy one get one free so I actually shared my masks with Himeko since all 3 types of masks I bought were having the One-For-One promo.

The latest range of masks from SexyLook that's not even available in Singapore, yet!
These are the Repair and Firming masks respectively.

Sure need these new masks for the aging me. Sadded~

Other than masks, I just can't help but to try some other SexyLook products, too, that are not available in Singapore.

Night Masks that was on like 70% off?!

Best Seller No. 1 of the night masks range -
Rose Whitening Night Mask

I'm just sucha sucker for Rose scent products!

*Oh my! I'm a sucker for alot of nice scented products!!!*
*Someone save my burning pocket!*

Best Seller No. 2 of the night masks range -
Lavender Soothing Night Mask

Franking speaking, I'm not a fan of lavender but since it's number 2 and I really don't need the Green Tea one that is for oil control, I decided to give this a try!

Have not tried it yet though..
Maybe I'll do a review in future. ( ^ ^ )

This is latest night mask -
Diamond Whitening Night Mask

Super tempted to get night mask *ahem* because of this actually *ahem*.

Just looks so good!

And lastly, the item I bought is...

Limited Edition Hello Kitty X SexyLook 4-in-1 Clean Set

It does practically the same as the Clarisonic which cleanse but there's 4 changeable "brush" that not only cleanse but also includes one for massaging!

The size is just nice, not too big, not too small!

Ok. I guess I'll talk more of these products in this post (and perhaps some others, too) in my next YouTube video.

I promise! I'll do one as soon as possible cos now I have a proper ringlight and I just can't wait to take my very first video with it!

Once again, this is NOT a sponsored post in any, whatever way!

Ok! That's all for this post now!

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. WOW I love sexylook masks too!! They do ship to Sg?? May I know how to order? :)

  2. I love sexylook. especially their packaging.



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