Sunday, 7 October 2012

「日記」Chill at Wings

Hi everyone!

Went to just chill and have a drink with some of my friends 2 weeks ago.

Makeup of the day (or rather, night)

Upper Lash : Decorative Lash Play Sexy #1
Lower Lash: DollyWink No. 14 Natural Cute
Contact Lenses: GEO Princess Cafe Waffle from

Ok. Photos were taken after I did my makeup, before I got my hair done to ya.. I look a bit... bald...

Decided to stick on these nail stickers my friend Jo gave me before leaving the house.

It was my first time putting on nail stickers and gosh! It's like SUPER convenient and easy to use! I put the stickers on as I was watching drama 爱情闯进门.

*Yes, I watch China Idol Drama, too, even though I seriously do not understand why must they dubbed everyone again! It's just so weird! *

And to be honest, they main reason why I started watching the drama is because of the main male and female actors, 辰亦儒 and 宋茜 (Victoria of f(x))

I'm still at episode 29 currently as I've been busy and am unable to complete the drama even though I watch it during my meal breaks at work , too!

Never mind, soon! Can't wait to complete the drama and get the irritation I get from the roles of 辰亦儒 and Victoria out of my mind!

Seriously people, just BE TOGETHER LAH! Stop pushing each other away and hurt each other by being with someone else you do not love and thinking that's the best for each other!

Ok. Off topic.

Back to my chill out day.

Dip Drops Knit Top
Candy Stripper Cross Necklace

Lowrys Farm Leopard Jeans
Jeffrey Campbell Boots

I'm not a person who likes wearing long pants so ya... it's pretty rare to see me in a pair. LOL

Our drinks

If you have been following my twitter, you should have seen a tweet of mine saying that I just kinda realised that yes I've entered adulthood.

Simply because for the past few weeks, if there's gatherings with my friends in the evening, at night, we would most probably have at least a glass of alcohol.

I don't usually drink and it's not even something I would say I love, or even like, doing.

But slowly, I guess it's time.

I remember watching a Japanese variety program and a female talent was asked a question "When did you really feel that you've become an adult?"

And her answer was "When one day I woke, when to the kitchen and realised there nothing else to drink in the fridge other than beer."

Not trying to say that any one is alcoholic or whatever but then I really couldn't exactly understand what their female talent was saying till a few days back.

And slowly, even when I go out with my dad, he will offer me and ask me to drink.

Oh boy~ The little girl in my dad's eyes is also growing up!
Now how can I not admit that I've stepped into adulthood?

Here I wanna say that drinking is fine.
But excessive drinking is not.

And to everyone, especially girls (not that guys are not important), KNOW YOU LIMIT when you drink. Be it are you our with your friends or even drinking at home.

I understand that sometimes we can be emo and wanna drink.
But trust me, the feeling is horrible.

So far, I've only done that once but not to the extend of being drunk.
I know my limit and know and am able to stop myself from drinking any further even if any friends were to force me.

But then again, if they would force me to drink still, I won't be calling them friends.

Being drunk is NOT FUN, NOT COOL!

Ok. After all the old grandmother stories,

Our snacks to share!

Yummy cheese sticks and BBQ chicken wings!

If you were to go Wings, try them!
Especially the cheese sticks! It's nice!

And unlike other cheese sticks I've eaten before, this is only ones that you can just keep eating!
People who have eaten cheese sticks before should know that after a few you would stop before cheese is just so... filling?

*Is that the word I should use here?*

Ok! So that's all for this post!

See you again soon!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Should try their ciders in the future. Brothers Apple & Toffee Cider is just so awesome.



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