Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I miss my phone~
Support me this Saturday!

Hi everyone!

Today is a horrible day for me.

I went to work as usual and upon starting work for a minute or so, my phone was stolen the next minute.

Seriously, FML.

I know that I am also to be blamed for putting my phone at where I left it but still~

Those thieves are like pro!

I actually don't feel any hope of getting my phone back cos the people who stole my phone was highly possible to be just tourist.

Thief family!

But I guess I'm super upset because they fooled all my colleagues and I!

Watching the CCTV seriously made my anger boil max!

Those f*ckers will go to hell!

In memory of my iphone 4S, the very first phone I used my hard earned money to buy last year, and my new WC Kumatan iphone case.

Before I end this post, I would like to urge everyone to come for JCosmeland Carnival this Saturday at Cineleisure K Union @ K Box.

Many Gyaru bloggers will be setting up our booth for flea and of course, including me!

I am going to sell more stuff now cos my phone is stolen and I really wanna be able to raise as much money as possible so that I can get a new phone soon!

Gonna sell my WC items, Neko-mimi items, Makeup like Melliesh lashes and many many more!
I'm also gonna be selling old stocks for Popu-Store at low price!

Still thinking if I should sell my Prisila wigs.
Will anyone be interested to buy my wigs?

Please let me know!!!

Not only are there flea booths, there will also be many many activities that day!

Check out here for more details!

Be the first 300 to RSVP and receive a goodie bag!

Ok. That's all for today.
I'm gonna try to sleep early tonight as I have to wake up early to go to my sister's shop to pick up the spare phone from her.

Goodnight everyone!

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