Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Healthier Chocolates now Possibru!!!

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Hello hello!

Today I'm gonna share with you on these goodies sent to me by EK Media!

See! Elfaine so sweet~ She even wrote a short note!
*Less than three Elfaine*

And yes! If you have been to the supermarket like NTUC, you should have seent these new yummicious goodies near the chocolates section!

What is Goji?

Goji is actually Wolfberries.
Goji is just Wolfberries in Chinese.

So why ChocoGoji?

Do you know that Wolfberries contacts 15X more Anti Oxidants than Cranberries
and 50X mores Vitamin C than Oranges?!

So think about it...

OF COURSE we should eat Goji, right?!

The ChocoGoji comes in 3 different flavours!

Personally, I prefer Milk Chocolate to any other chocolates.
I have a sweet tooth. Heehee~

Now to try these Milk Chocolate covered Goji-berries!

First impression: Hmm... Seriously looks like Chocolate covered Raisins.

After tasting: Hmmm... It even TASTE like chocolate covered raisins to my surprise!

Frankly speaking, I was actually pretty afraid that the goji-berries would be bitter or something cos my impression of goji-berries is always bitter in the chinese soups my mom always make for me!

But I'm serious here. It does not taste bitter at all!

So yes! I've become a fan of these ChocoGoji!

Not only are they good for me, my body, it does not taste bad at all!
Plus! I get to satisfy my cravings for chocolate at the same time!

If you're not a fan of milk chocolate cos you feel that it's too sweet or something...

Why not try Dark Chocolate?

Or these Sugar-Free babies?

Go get your very own packet of ChocoGoji!

CHOCGOJI is now available at :
- OG Departmental Store
- Yue Hwa Chinese Products Pte Ltd
- Four Seasons Gourmet Market ( Marina Bay Link Mall )
- NTUC Fairprice
- Cheers Convenience stores
- Cold Storage
- Buzz – Selective outlets
- SPC – Choices

Or you can redeem a free packet of ChocoGoji snack at CHOCGOJI Facebook page to try it out first!

Stay healthy, everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki

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  1. those look yummmyyyy!
    and I love the cute packaging too ^^



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