Friday, 8 June 2012

Spring / Summer with KATE 2012


Hi everyone!

If you have subscribed to my youTube channel, I'm sure you should have already seen the latest makeup tutorial video which I've posted 2 weeks back.

If you have not watched it, here it is!

*Sorry the audio is muted due to copyrights.*

Gonna edit and re-upload when I have the time.
So for now, I'm sorry but you'll have to watch it without any background music.

And yea~ here are the items that were sponsored by Kanebo KATE from their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Their eyeliner pencil that now comes in Brown instead of the usual Black!
Awesome for days where you're going for nude look or even better, school!

Many people have been asking me to do a makeup look suitable for school.

Yea I heard you people! But before I make a video for makeup suitable for school, I would recommend you to try this eyeliner out!

Because it's brown, it is not very obvious but yet still gives the enlarging effect on your eyes!

Plus! It's easy to use! Not to worry even if you have not tried eyeliner before at all!

Their new Art Dual Mascara

Seriously LOVE this product lots!

Personally I'm a person who wears falses lash ALOT (like many of you SHOULD know) simply because I absolutely HATE my lashes clumped all together because of the application of mascara!

But with the specially designed "wand" of this mascara, clumps is 0% the issue here!

It gives a natural long look for your lashes.

*I only applied ONE coat of mascara in the photo above*

Last but not least, my number favourite product of ALL KATE products -- Eyeshadow.

You can look back on my posts in 2009 and you would realise that I've been a HUGE HUGE fan of KATE since then because of their eyeshadow!

Yes, during my trip in Tokyo in 2009, I bought like 2 palettes and one of them I love it so so much, I practically use it everyday for quite a few months!

Not forgetting the palette I asked my sister to get for me when she went Japan in 2010!

My number one must buy item, KATE EYESHADOW!!!

Ok. So after so much, what do I like so much about KATE eyeshadow?

The colours firstly are very pigmented, bright, long-lasting and lastly very affordable!

I've tried expensive brands of eyeshadow but some's quality couldn't even be on par with KATE's even though they are so much more expensive and yada yada yada.

So yes! You can get your KATE products from Watsons or selected Kanebo counters!

Some other recommendations of KATE:
Mineral UV Gel Base
Mineral Loose Foundation
Loose Face Powder

XOXO Tsuriki


Circle lenses worned in photos of this post were from

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  1. Yiu're so pretty! And I love the lenses!



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