Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kiss Kiss~ Heroine Make Princess Ball ♫

Blogger Event

Hi everyone!

About 3 weeks ago, I was invited to attend a event for Heroine Make!

Yes~ The brand that I mention EVERY TIME some one asks me for recommendations for lash glue. I must say that they have the BEST lash glue I've tried so far!

And nope, I have not changed the brand of lash glue I'm using ever since my very first bottle like... 2 years ago if I'm not wrong.

The range of Heroine Make products on the table!

*Note, these are NOT all of the product under their brand oh~*

Before the start of the event, we all had our eye length and width measured.

*Frankly speaking, I had absolutely no idea what was that for as was late.*
*Stupid jam~ Don't talk about it~*

And also, we were each given a pretty bracelet with our initials on!

So nice right~?

Yummy treats for every princess in the room, including MUA! ME! Lol~

Yes, we cannot start the event without some basic knowledge of the products under the Heroine Make line, right?

After the introduction the various products, we were given around 10 mins for a hands-on session!

And yup, above is the powder under Heroine Make!

I did not try it out as I already had base makeup on but I heard it's good!

Double eyelid tape from Heroine Make

It's very similar to eyelid fibre so of course! I must give it a try!

It is surprisingly very easy to apply on!

My second attempt only lor~

Bear in mind that I had base makeup on already so that's probably the reason why the ends did not stick on as well.

But I'm defintely gonna buy this product yo!

Eyelash curler~!

Love it that the width is wide so you won't have a problem using it even after you apply on your false lashes!

THE Impact Mascara

Want Volume AND Length? You Have to try this mascara out!

And here we have Tiphanie applying on the mascara!

My after look!

Without the help of eyeshadow and false lashes, does my eyes still look big?

The prizes for the girl with the biggest difference in length X width before and after makeup.

And yea! I'm proudly presented the girl with the biggest difference for our session!

And total difference of 2cm!

Thank you thank you~!

And here are all my goodies from the event!

Spotted this special edition of Kiss Me Heroine X Chupa Chups Lip Balm?!

Oh my~ I just can't wait to try it!

Nya nya~!

And here's my very beautiful pen from Swarovski for my prize for winning the small little challenge!

You can get your very own Heroine Make Products from Watsons!
Go check them out now!!!

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