Saturday, 30 June 2012

XM's Birthday!!!

Hi everyone!

It've been a long time since I last blogged about my daily life.
Do you miss it?

First, of course must start with camwhore photo of mine!

Products used:
My new KATE Real Create Eyes Eyeshadow BR-2 (Sponsored)
My new Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lip Gloss PK 102 (Bought at Shiseido Sales)

OMG lor~ I just love Majolica Majorca's Lip Gloss so I'll at least one every time at Shiseido sales! Awesome!

I bought like 3 in the last sales!

Only $15 okay!!!???!!!???

And yea! I love my new handbag from Tocco Tenero!!

So sweet right?!

It's in pastel pink which is SUPER in fashion this season!

PLUS! I'm super surprised at how much things I can actually put in that SMALL little handbag!

*ahem* I brought my camera, a Olympus E-PL1, out in it okay~!

Searched high and low and managed to buy 2 packets of Hotcake Caramel Corn for birthday boy XM and I!

Yea~ We both have a thing for Caramel Corn.

I'm sucha sucker! OMG~

Had Hiyashi Ramen at Cuppage Plaza for lunch!

Super yummy! Must try!!!

Next was karaoke session!!!

Lovely Gin brought us Kinder Hippos!!!

The Bros XM and Dann singing 千里之外 for I don't know how many times already~

Have not hit 1000 though....

Our dear birthday boy resting after singing

Jo and I started taking polaroids and this is the end product! Lol

Doodled with photoshop.
Looks... weird... lol

BT and XM

XM and Lue

With Lue

I so nice~ Photoshopped him to have good skin.

*小弟, say thank you!*

With Jo

Yu~ka~ta~ Ngak ngak ngak!!!

A candid shot of Lue and surprisingly turned out nice

Apple tea is naisu~

After KTV session, we headed off for dinner followed by movie before some chit chat session at *Scape mac!

Group shot before we head home!

Oki. That's all for this post.

Hope I didn't bore you.

Good night everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki

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