Tuesday, 12 April 2011

☆ Pamper my hair @ Artica ♪ ☆


Last Wednesday, I headed down to Artica to get my hair treatment done together with a little trim!

Light makeup on that day as I had work before my appointment.

Me love love hair treatment!!!

C'mon~ Who doesn't like to pamper their hair, right?

Brought along the latest issue of PopSister with me to read as I didn't wanna play my DS. Gotten kinda bored with my games.

Anyone has any new games to intro?

So yes! I was reading my PopSister while Mr. Steamer treats my hair!

Don helping me to blow-dry my hair after treatment!

Don was like telling me that it's better to wash hair with cool water so that your scalp will be less oily and stuff.
And yes! I have been washing my hair with cool water everyday ever since last Thursday! Nice~ Hair will feel softer, too!

Seriously, I was totally enjoying the blowdry.
My facial expression was just for fun. LOL

And yippe!

My hair's softer, smoother after the treatment!
Trimmed my fringe and hair, too!


HUGE thanks to Juno for taking care of my hair!

XOXO Tsuriki



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