Saturday, 2 April 2011

☆ Adventure @ Megazip! ☆


Last Saturday I went to Sentosa Megazip for a great adventure thanks to the invitation of 24Seven!

Yups! All ready to go!!!

Go get to the Megazip, take the Sentosa express train to Imbiah Station firstly!

And yup! Here's my outfit of the day!

I love my Nike Dance Troupe Dunks!!!

With Jiayi

Ok~ I don't know why but I kept calling her chinese name instead of Hayley that day.
Kinda not used to it. Lol~

With Jiaqi

Random photo taken while waiting for Alton

Off we go to the Megazip!!!

It is quite a distance away from the Imbiah Station but not to worry, there's lots of signs you can follow to get to the Megazip!

Some stuff you have to note before starting out your adventure at the Megazip like height and weight limit.

Cute signs along the way~!

And yes we keep walking and walking~

Alton, Jiaqi and Jiayi

Jiayi posed like that for me, okay~

Alton, Jiaqi, Jiayi, me and Mint


Do take note of the operating hours to avoid disappointment oh~

And yes!!! We're finally here!!!

Well... almost...

SO we went to the booth and got our tickets!

Price list for your reference

And yippe!
We were each given a Megazip wristband! o(^∇^)o

Ok~ Don't worry if you're afraid of heights.
You can always climb the elephant.

Hahaha~ Just joking just kidding

Getting our safety briefing before the adventure.
Jiayi was wearing the crocs provided as she wore pumps initially which we're afraid that they will fall off or something along the adventure.

Jiayi all ready, all suit up!

And so was Jiaqi!!!

Mint and I waiting for someone to help us with the harnest.


My turn to suit up!

Jiayi, Jiaqi and Alton all ready to set off!

All ready?

Let's go!!!

Let's go up the tower for the adventure!

Jiayi and I while waiting for someone to get to the 2nd level to help us with the ClimbMax

Jiaqi ready to go!


Mint on the ClimbMax Level 1

Kris at Level 3

Jiayi setting off at Level 2 after me!

Jiayou Jiayi!!!

Let's give Jiayi and huge round of applause okay~
She slept only 1 hour and was super afraid but she completed like 70% of the ClimbMax Level 2!

*claps claps*

I tried camwhoring while waiting for Jiayi but my camera went crazy a little.

Ash at Level 3!

Go Ash!!!

Alton at Level 3!

The rescue of Jiayi

Going for the most difficult obstacle of the whole ClimbMax!

I used like 150% of my energy to complete that obstacle lah!

Kris sure did complete that obstacle fast~

And yes! Here's Derek!
He was with Jiayi and I at level 2.

Go Derek!!!

Taking a rest after the super diffcult obstacle

A photo of Ruoxuan from up there

Mint and Jiaqi taking care of Jiayi

Can you imagine how high up was I?

Sarah at Level 3

She SOOOO relax lah!

Last obstacle for Ash!

Ash completing his ClimbMax!

This cute little girl was completing her ClimbMax at Level 3 okay~

So seriously, if she can do it, you can, too!

Ruoxuan and Mint climbing the rock while the rest rest after our ClimbMax.
I am pretty sad as I didn't manage to try their rock wall as my arms were super tired after the ClimbMax.

But it's ok~ I shall go back another time!

And yes like I said, the rest were resting~

Next! ParaJump!

But for me, I like to call it commit suicide.

Like you get to experience and feel how is it like to commit suicide by jumping off a building SAFELY and not die.

Sarah carring a smile on her face

So did Alton

Okay~ As you can see, Ash was super afraid.
We countdown for him like 3 or 4 times before he finally jumped off

My turn!

Yes I recorded a video of me jumping.
Check out my video at the end of the post!

Smiling still~

Okay~ Screaming already~

And ends with laughing!

Jiayi and the beautiful hair

Jiaqi and her flying kick!

Getting ready for the Megazip!!!

Destination, small beach off Siloso beach!

Mint and I ready to go!

Jiaqi with Jiayi, Alton with Ash and Mint with me!

Kris coming in

The hero!!!
So no worries if you're stuck far away.
A hero will come for you!

Yea~ We came from up there. LOL

Random shot of my troup dunk on the beach

Walking through the strong wind

We're the suvivors!!!
*Singing Survivors' theme song*

Walking back to the Megazip booth

Get your special Megazip mechandise at the booth!

Happy Mint after the adventure!

Here's a video I put together with all the bits of videos I took that day!

YEAH!!! It was a super duper fun adventurous morning at the Megazip thank to Megazip and 24Seven!!!

Seriously, you HAVE to try it out!!! O(≧∇≦)o

To end this off, I had lunch with Jiaqi, Jiayi, Alton, Chengxi and Mint at Food Republic before Ben and Jerry's with Mint after the adventure!

XOXO Tsuriki

Ok everyone~ Here's a video that another blogger, James, uploaded of me jumping off the ParaJump.
So yup! Here's how I looked exactly when I 'commited suicide'. LOLZ~

Credits to James, blogging @


  1. What an enjoyable day! :D
    and I love you make-up of the day! ♥ ♥

  2. oh wow this looks scary but fun! :D
    and i absolutely loove your outfit!really suits the occasion xD

  3. Hi~ What camera did u use to video on that day? (:

  4. Anonymousへ
    I used my Olympus PEN Lite for my photos and videos.

  5. Hi Trixy,

    We're glad to know that you had an exciting experience at MegaZip! You are more than welcome to come back at any time during our opening hours to do it all over again. Remember to visit our website for all of our latest discounts and promotions, and we look forward to welcoming you again soon!


    The MegaZip team



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