Monday, 25 April 2011

☆ ローズブリット + 姉の誕生日 ☆


Yea I'm back and blogging! *Wootz*

Missing me, anyone?

Seriously, you have no idea how I was dying to blog!
I just need to blog my thoughts, my feelings, my days out!!!

From the past week I can now say that I realised that blogging has really became part of my life and I'm so gonna blog on and blog and on!!!


I went to RoseBullet's Tea Party with Yui and her friend that afternoon at Wisma.

And yea! The huge photo of Fuji Lena on the wall!

They had the new arrivals for the season at the store, too!

I actually wanted to get a set of this special limited Lace Jumper set however, sadly the short pants are too big for me.
Sad~ I'm only a size 0 for bottoms but their smaller size was a 2. (泣)

Enjoying for food and drinks

And yea a photo at the store before making our move.

*Photo aboves are taken from RoseBullet Singapore's Facebook Fanpage*

After the tea party, I met my dad and stepmom before birthday dinner for my sister!

Isn't he just adorable?

Dinning place for the night

My stepmom and dad

Raymond and my sis

Finally I have a decent photo with my dad for the past don't-know-how-many years

Clams for starter

My dad's rockets salad with shedded cheese

Lobster soup

Grilled Squid

My some crabby pasta

Pizza in a shape of a curry puff

Ribeye pasta


After dinner we head over for ice-cream as requested by the birthday girl

I know the ice cream don't look nice cos my sister did not take photos of them before they started eating when I went to the toilet.

That's all for now!
It's great to be back!
See you soon!


  1. cute pictures! *~~~* welcome back!!

  2. ツリキちゃんのブログいつも読んでいます♪

    yay!i'm glad your back blogging (:
    the food looks so good! i'm hungry now haha

  3. OMGGGGGGGGG you're so lucky! I'm so jealous of the shopping you did and the yummy foods!

  4. Manaへ

    It's actually a King Charles. But oh well, all from the same family. Lol~

    Lucky? No~ My butt too small to get the special set! *Sobz*

  5. That food looks so gewd -dies-

  6. o.O Since i happened to see ur blogpot in the samplestore FB, I know ur sis and her hubby raymond. anyway you look good with awesome make up. :)




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