Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Watson Makeover + Photography session


Firstly, here's a new hair spray I got

It's supposed to help have a volume boost effect which sux.
It didn't even last till I leave my house yesterday lah!

Sian~ Guess I'll really have to order from overseas for Wax spray!

Yesterday, I met my boyfriend for lunch before going down to Watson's office for my makeover + photography session.

Sorry but I'm gonna complain. That makeup artiste shaved my eyebrow without asking or even telling me lor!

She just took the shaver and shaved! That's it!
Wah liew~

Pissed off!

If you's following my tweets, you will know which brand is that makeup artiste from! ( I think )

Played with my tamagotchi while waiting.

Photography session went well and I just can't wait for the photos to be up!

OK~ Voting will begin on the 8 July which is next Thursday!

Please help to vote for me for Watson's YOU Awards in Polished Perfection Catergory!
Voters stand a chance to win a $100 worth hamper.

If I win, I'll giveaway the products I win to a lucky reader of mine, too!


Ah~ Getting a new hair colour this Friday!
Still thinking...
Should I bleach me hair and get a super light colour?

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