Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cosfest IX Day 2


Sorry for abandoning my blog for the past few days as I was busy and wasn't feeling well, too.

Firstly, my Rilakkuma!

Boyfriend caught it for me last Thursday before we watched Eclipse with Gerry!


Dressed up as a Japanese High School Girl with Jo


Alright~ Fook yu isn't in the photo as she was busy putting on her makeup...

Classmate Jo

猫ちゃん Fook Yu

Lovey Gerry

Ok... I'm not putting up the photo I took with Wendy as we both looked super tired in the photo. LOL

So were you there at Cosfest last weekend too?
Care to share some photos?

If you realised, my hair has been dyed to a different colour!
Loves my new hair colour!

I just can't stop admiring my hair colour whenever I walk pass a mirror! =P

Will be blogging on where I got my hair dyed in the next post by this weekend!


Wootz I got my payment from 24Seven!

Time to pay for my debt from shopping!

Oki! That's all for now!

じゃ~ またね!

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