Monday, 21 June 2010

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Gillian: Oki! I'm pretty noob to ameba, may need your help if I decided to start using my account again! heehee~

Darrel: Thank you! ありがとう!

Miyo: Mine was installed by a friend of mine a few years ago. He cracked it for me.

Yina: I got my double eyelid tape from a private spree of a friend of mine. I don't think it's available in Singapore.
This is how the packaging looks like.

It's really good. JoXianna got one packet herself too and she loves it, too!

It's thicker thus easier to stick on and the effect is better.

If there's many people that wants it, I may open a mini spree for all when I get more for myself!

Hello: As stated in the credits of the video, it's AZU's Happily Ever After.

It's in Azu's Album - Two of Us.

Wendi: Thank you! Stay tuned to my next hair tutorial coming up soon prolly this weekend cos editing takes time. (^^)


  1. Omg!!! I wanna try that double eyelid tape!!! Seems faster to use compared to my usual glue ones! Mou~ (=.=) let's not even start that...

  2. This looks awesome! Cant wit for you to wear it!



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